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    Let's see some belt drives!

    A lot going on... even the cat matches. Been calculating costs to make an E bike belt drive for a AMF Flying Wedge. Just the 3 lobe cog is near 100 USD. It requires a special tool to installπŸ’Έ Brilliant use for a belt.
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    SchwinN CrasheR

    Coming Feb 5
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    OCC Stingray CHOPPER build 😎

    Ok, I read your edit, you know the correct lower sizing to ask for. Are you also sure the 1-1/8'' cup adapter is 1'' EC30? Should be listed with the model, double check that as well.
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    OCC Stingray CHOPPER build 😎

    Just found the specs of a Cane Creek 40. It's for forks with a 26.4mm seat. Your fork is made for 27mm JIS crown races. It won't press on, stop.
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    New Schtandart for my brother

    Nice lines. Fine details. I like the struts. What do think the weight is in kilos?
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    OCC Stingray CHOPPER build 😎

    Flush just like the video. Once pressed on, the spacers must stack above the head tube. The only way for spacers under is to place the crown race over the spacers which requires some form of shim between the race and steering tube where the diameter is narrower further up. I don't think such a...
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    Schwinn Stingray or Cruiser kickstands

    PM sent, long.
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    Live Rust: Sedan Delivery

    I'd do better with a 9sp cassette. No single speed can remain with me on the hills of the North County very long. My bikes are well know locally. I use Schwalbe Marathons for endurance on crappy roads with broken glass along with modern anti-puncture BMX race tires on hardened T6 rims. Speaking...
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    1979 Schwinn Spitfire

    If I had the space I'd leave some of the survivors I've gotten intact, including the decades old sweat stains. Like you, I need to set the bikes accordingly so they're conducive for our riding. There's little room in my fleet for dust collectors, I mean bikes that wouldn't get ridden very often...
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    Keystones Bike Build

    Know that feeling... Is it possible to stand on the inside of the edges with the wheel spinning? Could be a new trick. Seeing your work space got me thinking of my childhood bedroom rug. It was full of black rings from bearing cages falling out during bike repairs.
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    1979 Schwinn Spitfire

    But yours is more OG:cool2:
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    "New to Wheel building" Question

    Not for people who have numerophobia. For fun I used 3D blender modeling program to calculate spoke lengths for dozens of solutions. Another unique build. Can drill...
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    Live Rust: Sedan Delivery

    Kidding aside, I'm with you taking on a swing in such rough condition. Always wanted to make a race version while retaining the kids' bike look. I know it's going to turn out amazing like all your other rides. Have fun with it brother.
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    π˜šπ˜Šπ˜π˜žπ˜π˜•π˜• π˜˜π˜œπ˜ˆπ˜“π˜π˜π˜π˜Œπ˜™

    Not sure about the years or have much experience with belts. Fond of a contained light motorized hub with regen. The clean look's a bonus. Sub 20 mph is adequate for my usage. Plenty of IGH conversions have been achieved. Ultra low maintenance, long life, quiet and more... Belts requiring a...