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    Gorgeous looking bike!
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    I just picked up a Kona Humuhumu-kunukunu-apu'a
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    Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-Apua'a KLUNKER project

    Beautiful build - nice work!
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    Interview with Aaron Bethlenfalvy - Designer for Dyno, Nirve, Schwinn etc

    Interview with Aaron Bethlenfalvy - head of design at GT Bikes who introduced legendary Dyno models like the Taboo Tiki and Mooneyes special, not to mention designing models like Nirve's Switchblade chopper frame, and a bunch of other cool work too! Really interesting guy and stoked to be able...
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    Twist of Lemon (video added 12.03.2017)

    Absolute killer build mate, gorgeous work.
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    NYC summer streets

    Sounds like a great day.
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    International roll call

    Sydney, Australia
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    I picked 12 bikes. Each of them had the 'IT' factor for me. Some were because of the awesome fabrication. Some were just the sublime style of the finished bike. Some were shiny and beautiful, some were ratty and rusty. Any of the 12 I'd love to have in my garage, or swing a leg over and go for a...
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    Build Off 11 TRENDS

    I've got to say, when I was voting, a lot of the bikes with moon discs made the cut. I had to question myself if they were cool bikes, or I just had moon disc envy. And I decided even without the discs, all of those bikes would have been killer!
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    The 12 Year Project- 20's Shelby- Bare Bones, Bare Metal, Barely Finished!

    Missed this build, only just came across it in the voting thread. Beautiful bike!
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    SPINAL TAP - Finished

    After ogling this bike in the finished bikes forum, I came to check out the build because its so awesome and I wanted to see more. The Cycobilly Deluxe frame is awesome and I hadn't heard of it before, so googled it to see who makes/sells the frame and found the original build thread from the...
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    Finished with your BO11 build, what's next?

    It was Monday night here in Australia when I posted that :thumbsup:
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    Naked Panther 11 Speed

    Great looking bike, and would be great fun to ride.
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    HAUL-iN ! CustomCycleTruck

    Great build, lots of great ideas and executed really well. As I said before it looks like a factory bike.