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    were do you drawl the line? how many bikes are 1 to many?

    One more than I have?
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    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    Without the lift and painted green and that's my grandfather's truck. One of the first vehicles I ever drove. No license, just shoveling out the barn and fertilizing my grandparents' one acre garden.
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    If I were serious, I wouldn't be buying a bike. Riding makes me happy. I get paid to be serious.
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    Raleigh Retro Ride 4

    That's an issue. Lots of hills here.
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    Raleigh Retro Ride 4

    Worth it? Kind of like the styling. It's been posted before. Hoping someone will say something negative because I bring home another bike and I may get kicked out of the house and end up living in a van...
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    Welcome from the Alamo City.
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    "Yesterday's Forum Activities"

    I like this feature as well. Bikes are on the backburner while I try to finish some major landscaping projects but its fun to watch what's going on here.
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    New guy in Florida... And new life for a Trash Huffy

    You can put apes on the next bike. Or the one after that.
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    New guy in Florida... And new life for a Trash Huffy

    Looks good. I went the other way on my good vibration huffy and did apes and banana seat. It's a very comfortable bike.
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    A bike with no brand

    Is that like a horse with no name?
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    Hello from Houston

    Hello from a former resident now living in a part of Texas not susceptible to Hurricanes.
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    Fantastic New Guy

    Stopped going. Bikes are cheaper than shrinks.
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    Fantastic New Guy

    I ended up IN therapy as a result of this forum. "I can't help it doc, I have bikes stacked up in the garage and parts everywhere and half a dozen unfinished projects but can't help but look for more bikes!"
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    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    Don't worry. We're mostly illiterate here.