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    Drum Brake Hub ID.

    Spacing is 100mm front with 36 spokes and rear is 120ish with 28 spoke holes. They look like Atoms with the ribs but I dont see any real markings on the shells and I am having trouble finding example pics on google.
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    Drum Brake Hub ID.

    Here are some better pics if this helps. Front hub Rear hub.
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    Drum Brake Hub ID.

    Can anyone help me ID these drug brake hubs? A good buddy of mine gave them to me and am stoked to clean them up and put them on a custom build of mine. I was just curious if anyone had and information on make, model, value, etc. I don't see any markings on them except for on the free...
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    1st Tall Bike.

    A friend of mine wanted a tall bike to ride around MIA with the TB4L crew so this is what I came up with. Normally I build long and low so this was an interesting change. The seat is 52" high, Stem is 58" and grips are 72". Bike is just under 7' long and the rack is 24" long so plenty of room...
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    Been a while! Hello!

    Hello, Been a while since I have been on this page and remembered how much I enjoyed it. Learned a lot from you guys. Here are a few of the builds I have done recently. Hope you enjoy!
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    Build #3

    Highly recommend, lol.
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    Fat Tire Trike

    I am pretty sure the hubs are normally 36 hole.
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    Build #3

    Here is my third frame. Built a Jig finally. Wow, does it help keep things straight. Very happy. Jig now has cones for head tube and bottom bracket. Also made rear adjustable mounts for 20", 24", 26" and 29" tire sizes so it hold drop outs ar correct heights. For the test rides. I am...
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