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    Girls Schwinn Hornet

    I like Schwinn boys tank bikes and only have a couple girls bikes… but added another this weekend. Couldn’t pass it up given the condition it is in. Be cool to start matching up pairs; his/hers. Have a couple blue/white boys so I’ll pair this one up.
  2. Jkrate1985

    Unknown frame build

    Picked up this frame over the weekend. Gentleman building it passed away and family new nothing about this. Can anyone identify what the bicycle started out as? Gussets and Schwinn style kickstand were added on.
  3. Jkrate1985

    How do you spend your day off?

    I spend my days off usually doing something at my shop or in my yard. Enjoy landscaping and restoring and refurbishing stuff like bicycles, cars, signs etc. Also like repairing salvage or extensive rust repair vehicles.
  4. Jkrate1985

    Schwinn tank bike out of spare parts.

    I’m just starting back in on this one...four years later. Military occupation took me away for a little bit.
  5. Jkrate1985

    192? Colson rover

    bought this by word of mouth without looking first for $45 and in worse condition than expected. Not sure the year. From the badge I’d say it’s a colson rover. The frame is bent and crank bent. Rusty. Might make it a flower garden ornament or if there are any parts someone might like let me...
  6. Jkrate1985

    Schwinn Paramount -Ebay

    Yeah, this thing was $99 when i came across it!!
  7. Jkrate1985

    Schwinn Paramount -Ebay
  8. Jkrate1985

    Monark super cruiser, girls

    Wooofta, I guess she was thinking more around $800. I think she will be holding on to that bike for some time. Thanks for your input guys.
  9. Jkrate1985

    Monark super cruiser, girls

    A lady about 10 miles from me heard I liked old bike and asked me to make an offer on this one. I'm mostly a Schwinn guy have had one boys Monark in the past. Not real big on the girls bike and it is a little rough. She had mentioned American pickers so I don't know if she is expecting a...
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    (Dec 1968) 1969 Schwinn Orange Krate!! - One Owner/All original

    Wanna sell it? It's just a schwinn.:happy:
  11. Jkrate1985

    (Dec 1968) 1969 Schwinn Orange Krate!! - One Owner/All original

    I always like the empty road photo shoots. Makes some nice pics! And for the record, it's not JUST a schwinn. ;)
  12. Jkrate1985

    My Cheap Swap Meet Buy **Update**

    Schwinn middle weights ... heck, I think I've got around 30!!! They are addictive. ... or maybe like a disease that just keeps spreading and multiplying.