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    New Haven, CT St Patricks Day Parade with The Wheelmen

    I would like to extend a cordial invitation to Rat Rod Bike members to ride with The Wheelmen in our New Haven, CT Saint Patricks Day Parade. The Wheelmen as a club usually concentrates on bikes built before 1933. However, I would like to invite members from this site to join us. Face it, we all...
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    Rat Rod high wheel????

    Well I know these guys around here to know whatever it is with these guys around here it has to have a tank on it. Have you ever looked at a "King" high wheel? or a "star". I brought this thing home the other day. It's a kind of lever drive built on a road bike. Takes away the necessity for a...
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    Rat Rod high wheel????

    Truthfully, there's not a lot that could be done. Except for the front wheel and hub part.One problem is these parts are expensive. Especially the older original stuff. I can get spokes. i can probably roll the rims. RBR makes a bike that wouldn't be terribly expensive. I see broken ones...
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    Rat Rod high wheel????

    Leave me alone.....I'm thinking........
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    1969 Raleigh Sprite 5 speed internal hub. 26 inch men's bike. Has a Brooks Saddle

    I've heard it called a 3+2. I had one. Rode nice. GLWS.
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    No one wants my stuff

    Just an FYI, but check with your local middle school. Many of them have bike clubs and would love to get parts. As far as Bike Co op's, i haven't found 1 near me that dealt with vintage. They're great organizations though. My local one does a lot of work with the city to organize bike related...
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    1920s Columbia Project

    Are the bearing races ok?
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    What can you tell me about this crank arm and pedal? - help

    I know someone that will buy it if you're interested in selling.
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    What can you tell me about this crank arm and pedal? - help

    Hard tire safety. I don't think Columbia. For value check Copake Auction website. Search past sales. I believe one like that was auctioned this year.
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    SOLD 1920's Iver Johnson Arch Bar Tall Truss Frame

    Probably a Model 88 Service bike.
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    Wethersfield 3rd Annual Bike Show and Swap Meet

    Stevil out for a spin on an 1890 Columbia Light Roadster hard tire safety. it sure was nice to see friends there again this year. This is a nice event.
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    Large Persons red reflector

    I did.
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    Blue and white banana seat

    Good condition. comes with sissy bar. Very small tear where the grommet is set for the sissy bar. $35 + shipping. I set it that way because I haven't shipped one of these yet and don't really know what to expect for cost. If someone knows, I would appreciate the info. Nice little original banana...
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    Large Persons red reflector

    Large Persons red reflector. Found at a swap meet this morning. I think it's probably for a prewar motorcycle, but i think it would look good on a bike. Excellent shape. $50 shipped conus.