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    A few of my bikes.

    Somewhat disappointed that the pics of my bmf badge were taken down after being posted for a year here. Especially on a rat rod bike site. Oh well. Guess that’s the nature of the world we currently live in
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    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

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    A few of my bikes.

    Another update on my black Dx. After a weekend ride I decided I no longer want rooster tails of water up my back or in my lap. So fenders were added, along with spacers to get ‘em closer to the tires
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    A few of my bikes.

    Update on a couple of the bikes. Schwinn double bar got a new look. And the black Dx got a new chain guard
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    A few of my bikes.

    12 step program! Lol! More like 22 more bikes to add to the collection! I would stop buyin em, but nobody likes a quitter:p
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    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    They say the devils in the details, but what about the devil being the detail…
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    black bikes?

    1936 Shelby 1940 Schwinn Dx
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    A few of my bikes.

    Thanks! When I saw that devil ornament I knew I had to have it. newest addition to the fleet. 1940 Schwinn Dx
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Newest addition to my bunch. 1940 Dx
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    A few of my bikes.

    Found some more correct parts for my Dx and decided to “age” the badge while I was working on it.