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    1959 Schwinn Hellion.

    I really like the way the white parts are coming out an ivory shade. It reminds me of vintage guitar plastic components. It gives it a classy patina.
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    Beach cruiser parts selection for wheels.

    The inexpensive Duro tires with the slick/hook worm style tread take up to 50lbs. PSI. I find they have much less rolling resistance with their round contact patch.
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    A-Frame Garden Shed built from preused wood and pallets

    This has been great to follow. Thank you for sharing your project with us. Here in our part of Florida the permitting procedure and fees for a shed are ridiculous. I suppose our hurricanes have a lot to do with that. Very nice work you are doing.
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    Interesting Story about Velomobile seen on Roads Here

    This Velomobile trike has caused quite a stir around here
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    Don "the Snake" Prudhomme Drag Car Tribute Bicycle.

    Not to mention at 11,000 up one top fueler has more horsepower than sixteen NASCAR 670 hp cup cars. I like all of them but for raw power it is all drag racing. For sheer nerve and finesse I'd give the nod to sprint car drivers driving a 1,400 lb. car with a 900 hp V8 in front of them, an in...
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    What are you listening to?

    I can't help but like this album too. It is the same as "Endless Summer" from the mid-seventies but with the addition of Kokomo. I think " Endless Summer" is out of print. The CD I have of "Sounds of Summer" includes a bonus DVD of mid-sixties black and white footage of the Beach Boys. Great...
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    My junk

    My first bike was that frame in a greenish/gold metal flake color. Mine was a Swinger from J C Penny. Must have been about '68. I rode that bike all over my Tampa, FL neighborhood. The chain guard was one of my favorite features on it. Nice project.
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    What are you listening to?

    Donovan's "Colours" is a favorite of mine to play on my banjo.
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    Huffy Slither.

    I really like these bikes. One of these on or ahead of the stem would look good. Or maybe a Viper or Rattler ornament.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Thanks for the tip. I use the Hobson for the same reason. Mine is a Pro II. I'll check the Spiderflex.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Just got in from 12 mile ride on my '09 Schwinn single speed. A perfect 78F day. This was about 6 miles into the ride.
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    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    The principle on the above hub is the same as the planetary tuners on my banjos. The tuners were also used on a few limited models of Gibson guitars. They are compact, efficient, smooth and in their use on banjo mostly trouble free. I wonder if that is how they are on bike hubs?
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    Tires? Who do we like to replace OEM tires?

    I like these. The best price I have found is from MZMiami on eBay and they get them to me in a couple of days.
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    Riding dirt roads in FL?

    What is it they say about pictures and a 1,000 words? Below are roads that are gravel. Also roads that are eroded asphalt and gravel in areas where development hasn't happened yet. Some are sand and sod roads and canal easement roads. The terrain is dead flat. All of the surfaces in the...
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    Another 125th Anniversary Schwinn Black Phantom Review

    You also may be able to find a modern springer fork with the correct threaded head tube length. Some of the suppliers sell individual springer parts too. I think fork dart decals may be available on ebay.