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    MoFaux – blast off!

    This is an amazing build. I love the rocket theme. I belive you have won this build off! Nutts! :lol:
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    Re: BULL DAWGED You put together one sweet ride!
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    The Hot Rod Higgins - New pics page 4

    Re: The Hot Rod Higgins I love this bike. FRom fab to paint it is perfect. I love all the little details, mooneyes satan in baby form and awesome pinstripping!
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    *****THE JAGUARAT******

    I don't think that will be a problem. I am planning a photo shoot at the dealership soon.
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    "Apple of my Eye" built for Daddys Little Girl

    Re: "Apple of my Eye" built for Daddys Girl cute little bike!
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    Rat Klunker (FINISHED! With 2 hours to spare!)

    Re: Rat Klunker (New Parts!!! 7/24) love what your doin to this point beach!
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    *****THE JAGUARAT******

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    *****THE JAGUARAT******

    First and formost Thank you all for the encourage and insiration to create one of my coolest builds to date. It is a privalige to be part of a special community of bicycle enthusists. I have been watching the a lot of the build and i must say there are true bicycle geniuses out there were some...
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    Thanks bro but to be honest i didn't tear my taillight apart for this. I work for landrover/jaguar/astin martin of west palm beach. The taillight in question had a scratch on it and was being thrown away. The range rover's owner just happens to be celine dion. So in other words i tore up celine...
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    Shakedown (Pin Striping done!!)

    Re: Shakedown (Almost done 7-15) Awesome bobber! Great paint. The light and dark gray together with the red wheels, great contrast!
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    This bike needs 1 or 2 more little thing to be finished. I had a range rover come in the other day for a tailight change. It had smallest of cracks in it and it went to the trash. WEll one mans trash is another mans treasure. I cut, pryed, drilled, sawed, cut, and smashed the coolest handlebar...
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    Hammered Higgins

    THis bike makes me thirsty for a pint!
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    Trussworthy-6/5 Done!

    Re: Trussworthy do any of those plates say martin?
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    ====~THE FAIRBANK FLYER~==== * Now With *New* Engine Sound *

    Re: ====~THE FAIRBANK FLYER~==== nice stencil work. My hand isn't steady enough for that intricate razor work.