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    The Bishop - (Felt Surf City to Cafe Racer)

    Siiick bike! You did a good job flipping it to a cafe racer! What kind of banana seat is that??
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    Greeting Earthlings... from Las Vegas

    Trying to set something know alot of people who ride?
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    Dyno Bike pics

    Thanks GameBent! 8)
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    LAS VEGAS Bike Meet & Ride

    Anyone from Las Vegas area??? Bike Meet & Ride Location TBA
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    Dyno Bike pics

    Battle wounds and scars are always and look better! Nice pick up!!!
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    Greeting Earthlings... from Las Vegas

    JeepGuy, I am trying to setup a Bike Meet in Vegas, here r u located?
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    Hello from Las Vegas!

    Kyotu, I'm trying to set up a meet in Vegas...where you located?
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    Dyno Bike pics

    Better late than never...STOCK Mooneyes
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    Southern Highlands in Las Vegas

    Coffee Run (Ride) around the Smith's Shopping Center.