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    Just finished these two up! Schwinn Middle-Weight muscle bikes.....sorta!

    These are a couple bikes I just finished up for myself and the wife! We got these early Schwinns (hers a '59 and mine a '62) at a local estate sale nearly 3 years ago (only $50 each too!)! I let them sit for a while, but finally got around to their final restorations. It's a his and hers...
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    Looking for 24" Jerald Sulky tire!!

    Does anyone out there happen to have a 24" Jerald Sulky tire in their stash that you think you'll never use? I'm looking for one for a current project. Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with, or if you know someone that you could point me towards that has one they're willing to...
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    WANTED: TRM Convertible Tank

    Yes, I have already. You sent me the PDF price list, I appreciate that. Honestly, this might be cheating, but I'm seeing if anyone has one for a little cheaper before I pull the trigger on a new one.....0__o
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    WANTED: TRM Convertible Tank

    Looking for a TRM convertible tank. Does anyone have one they bought but never used? I have a project that I just picked up that I'd love to use one on! Thanks in advance!
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    1949 Girls Schwinn build questions

    You know what? You could be right! I'll have to put the frame in my stand and see if I can make out whether or not it's bent! Good catch! I just got the frame and hadn't looked that closely. Thanks for all the info!!! Jay H.
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    1949 Girls Schwinn build questions

    Alright knowledgeable forum gurus....I'm looking to build a matching girls version of my recent Schwinn straight bar build for my wife. I have a perfect 26" 1949 blank Schwinn girls frame in original paint as the starting point, but I have a few questions. Did a '49 like this come with a skip...
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    9th Annual Midwest Bicycle Fest (Photos & Videos)

    Re: 9th Annual Midwest Bicycle Fest (Ratrod Raffle Bike) This show was fantastic! Loads of outstanding bikes, super-duper hospitality by the coasters club and the weather couldn't have been better! Thanks to all the Coasters club members for putting on such a great show! The Asphalt Apes of NW...
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    Latest build '57 Flying Star

    Thanks Luke! Jay H.
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    Latest build '57 Flying Star

    Admin, this thread might need to be moved to the Gallery section. Sorry if I misplaced this! Jay H.
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    Latest build '57 Flying Star

    A few more angles....
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    Latest build '57 Flying Star

    I call this build the "E-Town Bomber". I live in Enid, Oklahoma, and found the frame right here so.....yeah, you get it. And, my inspiration for this build was the WWII P-38 Lightning. I think the straight bar tanks look like the central cockpit nacelle on P-38s and I went for a nice stripped...
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    '57 Schwinn built Flying Star.
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    schwinn straight bar gallery

    My latest build. '57 Flying Star.
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    First Anual Enid, Oklahoma Vintage Bike show - 17 August

    Thanks a million for coming out MazdaFlyer! Glad you liked the show. I have to admit, I was fairly happy with the showing of bikes. We had a good crowd and it was a bicycle filled day. The weather was PERFECT! Now, I'm off to start planning for next year! Jay H.
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    First Anual Enid, Oklahoma Vintage Bike show - 17 August

    THE SHOW IS TOMORROW!!!!! As an added bonus, our club the Asphalt Apes, will be hosting a hospitality suite at the show site upstairs in Art Lab Enid. I'm a full time artist, and a fellow club member and I have a small art studio located right on the street where the vintage bike show is being...