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    What year is this Dixie Flyer?

    It looks just like it, color and all! The forks and striping are different, but it's pretty close. I'd like to find out what the lettering and striping should look like.
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    Any Info on a 1977 Iverson MonoShock?

    I've had it since it was new and haven't been able to find any info online. I'm getting ready to restore it and would love to find a source for the original stickers. Thanks.
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    Unknown Old Cruiser

    My daughter is customizing this. Any idea what it is? There are no names on it. Thanks
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    What year is this Dixie Flyer?

    Also, the serial number is 9H030978, in case that helps.
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    What year is this Dixie Flyer?

    I just picked this up to make a rider our of it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to find a similar one online.
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    Hello from Cleveland!

    I've been a vintage bike fan since I was a kid. I had a 1952 Columbia Sterling and a 1957 Schwinn Jaguar in the 1980's. I still have my first bike, a 1977 Iverson Mono-shock, which I've never been able to find a picture of another one anywhere. I been building old cars for years, but decided to...
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    Hello from Cleveland

    I've been into old bikes since I was a kid. My 1952 Columbia Sterling and my 1957 schwinn Jaguar have new owners, but I still have my 1962 Murray Sonic Flite, a 1977 Iverson Mono-shock which I have never seen another, and I just got a late 40's Dixie Flyer that I know nothing about. That's one...