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    pair of roadmasters

    thank you all for the info. 1941 thats cool i will be hanging on to this pair. thank again
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    How to weld chain neatly?

    I may be wrong but it looks like your welding it laying flat. try hanging the chain and weld it with vertical down welds, it will take less weld and you will move your hands faster and gravity helps also. that's my two cents. good luck.
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    pair of roadmasters

    I never seen seat light like that either. it hold batteries and would light up with on and off switch.
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    pair of roadmasters

    hi I picked up this pair of 26" roadmaster. they seem to be all original and some cool parts on them. the boys bike ID# is K55808 and the girls is J35297 there is No Cw stamp on the bottom by the # just the # if someone could help with the years. thanks and heres some pics.thanks for any info.
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    hi everyone i posted a twin bar frame that i picked up earlier in this thread. well its back to being a rideable bicycle again but it still missing some parts that i couldn't find or afford$ heres a pic.I think it looks nice.
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    cwc RoadMaster
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    Elgin Twinbar

    heres a pic. of my twin bar that i built, i also started with just a frame. with out buying all the high dollar parts that you can't find.the springer look good on your frame.
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    captain americruiser...rideable!

    for the scale look on your frame you could try spray painting over fish net stockings that will give you the scale look.
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    heres pic. of 1939 Elgin twin bar i builtheres a pic. of 1960 Schwinn i also built
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    Before & After Pics

    Elgin twin bar beforeafter
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    Lets see all those Twin Bar frames!!

    heres a pic. of a Elgin twin bar i built before and after pic.
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    the Bagger

    heres a bigger pic.
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    here are some pics. of a 1960 schwinn panther i hot rodded up a little. custom paint and cream tires. it rides real nice.
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    the Bagger

    Hi everyone I'm jumpin in BONINE with this Monark built, Rocket badge 26" tanker. Here's a picture of what I'm starting with. After looking over the bike and seeing the crash bars, dual exhaust I keep thinking of a full dress bagger. So instead of chopping and ripping parts off of it, I am...
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    very very nice bike, great job.