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  1. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    Currently not selling but will keep you in mind.
  2. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    Thanks! The link he provided makes me believe the Goodyear is a 1948, and that would fit the plate tag issue. I would like to get a year on the Elgin, I hope someone can assist.
  3. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    Thank you for the link/info.
  4. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    Thank you for the info and the link. Much appreciated.
  5. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    I recently picked up these two bikes at an estate sale. They have been buried in a garage for several years. I was hoping someone could please help identifying the year on these bikes. The Elgin appears to have a serial number S2137 and the Womans Goodyear Double Eagle has a serial number...
  6. MrLeghorn

    Riverside Hoodride

    Wow, love that patina and those pics!
  7. MrLeghorn

    SaltHammer Savannah Sand Flats Silver King 1935 - FINISHED THREAD - 4th Place

    The labor you put into this bike and that frame really "Shines". Beautiful bike, Congrats!
  8. MrLeghorn

    ELGIN Decoluxe

    Love this bike!
  9. MrLeghorn

    Miss Prissy 4 Bar Hawthorne

    My wife and I want to thank you all for the positive comments. Much appreciated.:happy: I had the opportunity the other day to pull out the last build off bikes I have done and get a quick picture.
  10. MrLeghorn

    Miss Prissy 4 Bar Hawthorne - Finished

    Thanks G-Matt, I don't think the pictures show the glitter of the frame and the fenders. This bike sparkles nicely in the sun. This was fun to do, but I prefer a bike with a rusty patina. You never worry about scratches!
  11. MrLeghorn

    Miss Prissy 4 Bar Hawthorne

    I'm quite pleased how this bike turned out and the most important part...the wife loves it. Thank you all for the positive comments and suggestions. I really enjoy watching the creativity of so many excellent builders. Bike build thread...
  12. MrLeghorn

    ElgIndian by B4C

    You completely captured the look of a old board track racer. Very well done!
  13. MrLeghorn

    Swamp Dog

    Very Cool, CongRATs!
  14. MrLeghorn

    Rockin' Rollfast - Finally a Video!

    Little Red Rooster?