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    Custom Columbia

    Thanks I wanted a urban Industrial look on the build. I used over sized washers in a few places. Wing nuts in a few places Small stuff go with the more obvious.
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    Custom Columbia

    Here is my Custom Columbia that I have had for about 10 years. This bike has been through a lot of changes over the years. At one time I had it all back OG except for the paint. I even sold this bike once only to get it back in a trade later. Currently as it sits. Has Araya wheels...
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    I would buy it! Looks simple and perfect.
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    That a cool frame. I built a Firestone awhile back. The one I built was from mid 70s. I made a few decals to enhance the build. I think I made the head badge also. The bike came with a sticker bandage. I cut a piece of sheet metal out and made a true head badge. Fun build. Look...
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    1986? Skyway Streetstyler

    I restored that bike for a local guy here in the Houston area. It was his bike in the 80s. I think he has his 8 year old riding it now.
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    Wanted Sniper handlebars for OCC Stingray

    What do sniper handlebars look like? I found one of those OCC bikes in the trash. I think I have the back wheel. Forks. Seat. And handlebars. Maybe the front wheel also. Text me or call Van Bushnell 2814706911
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    1967 2 speed Coppertone Schwinn stingray frame forks and chain guard

    1967 Coppertone Schedule Stingray. Front forks are set up for multi speed front brake. Since this frame shows signs of OG top bar decal. I’m going come to the conclusion that it was a two speed overdrive blue band bike. chain guard has typical ding at the pedal strike and little banged up...
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    1964 Schwinn Stingray Frame and fork

    2814706911 Call or text
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    1964 Schwinn Stingray Frame and fork

    1964 Schwinn Stingray Frame and Fork. Straight and solid. Missing head badge. 350$ shipped. call or text Van
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    1968 Apple Krate project parts

    1968 Apple Krate Seat. Frame. Chain guard. seat pan seems to be solid with reflector tab. This was mounted with pogo seat post. Frame is solid and straight. Head badge looks to be glued on. Chain guard is solid. Has one ding at the rivet on back brace. The back brace is loose and...
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    SOLD Orange krate seat and guard

    Orange Krate seat and chain guard. Seat has a solid pan with reflector tab in place. The vinyl is actually still soft but has obvious wear and tear. This seat is in good enough condition to be used on the right bike without recovering. Chain guard has been riveted on back brace. I pointed...
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    SOLD Murray 20” 2-speed wheel set

    Yes. $170
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    SOLD Murray 20” 2-speed wheel set

    Late 60s (brake arm dated 68) Murray 2-speed wheel set. Bendix Overdrive 2-speed Model B hub laced to M.O.MFG.CO. (Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company) 28 spoke. Front wheel is also stamped M.O.MFG.CO 20 spoke wheel. Both wheels spin free. The two speed worked great on bench test Back...
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    Western Flyer Freedom II

    Western Flyer Freedom II 86/87 Here is a bike I just finished. Had a tight budget of $250 for this one. new tires, tubes, cables, grips, pedals, brake pads. Replaced the front reflector. All white parts received new powder coat from Cains Coating (832-527-1607...... Kevin Cain does great work...
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    Firestone Flame GTO

    I did change the front Tire to a 20 x 1.75. I will Save that other Firestone tire for future build. Sold the bike last weekend. The bike Now has a new home in Brownsville Tx. Turned out to be a good deal for everyone involved.