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    French low rider bike

    Wow , Super boulo le desing et la construction ,j'aime comment tu as fait les fourche en cone toi meme a l'encienne , d'ou vienne les pistons a air au juste ? j'aime que tu ose le francais sur un forum englais :P moi je suis de Quebec Canada , vraiment hate de voir le produit final ,ca regarde...
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    =D---- Laprise E-BTR

    thank you my friend :)
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    =D---- Laprise E-BTR

    Hey ! few updates on the E-btr , after dailying it hard for 2 years doing skids and even offroad trails the frame was a bit bent in the rear triangle , the paint was ruff and wheels a bit wobbly. got tired of the beautiful but very soft slick rubber of the 346 tyres that wear out in a season ...
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    Hello , wow it has changed since i left, i like it! well unlike 1 single thing ... is there a dark mode? or a way to have a background? i mostly read and post this forum late in the day and this white is brutal:cool: thank you ratrod for all your doing
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    BO14 CLASS 2 FINAL RANKINGS - Voting Results

    :13::rockout:awesome build everyone ! congrats !:113:
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    Winter build off?

    i might be in for a 21'' and under build , i got somthing in mind and might be off work this winter or at least part time
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    The Streamliner

    :43: Amazing ! :41:
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    :eek: i would , but unfortunately computing is not part of my skill set , kind-of like a dinosaur:android: iam not home often either lately:oops: i hope someone else volunteer
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    rebadged , embossing alluminum
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    Hollywood swanger

    well done !! ye thank looks real good :113:
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    Spring Spare Time

    nah , same buyer tho , he has the muscle drifter trike too and the 37 elgin rat too ..iam starting to think he loaves what i do :giggle::thumbsup:
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    Spring Spare Time

    it had to be ready in time for the ride , so it let me only 1month if i wanted to enter the build ..its already sold too:giggle: