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    "New to Wheel building" Question

    I've seen it done. But I've only seen where the hub hole count is less then the rim hole count.
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    Awesome build! I get ya about computers. I'm 70 and I've been tapping on computers and phones for 25 years, I still can't figure them out. Every time I get the hang they change it.
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    I got it up and,...

    Fenders mounted! Props to my boy Mark D @ Sutter Street Cruisers for the job. Mark saved me hours of tedious work. Mark also steers me through these not vintage waters. I see what I like then he tells me if I can pull it off or not. Next step will be welding a tube under the tank. After that I...
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    I got it up and,...

    My other J C Higgins horn tank had a small dent. This tank off my rat is perfect,...sacrifices must be made.
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    I got it up and,...

    Latest on mock up. I had some 48 Schwinn ducktails that I still might use. I want that Monark double deep look. I've got a set of those also on the wife's Monark. She ain't giving them up though.🙃 Guess I'll go with the skinny fenders. I'll have to trim the front.
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    Cool bike! I build this for my granddaughter. I pulled it out of the trash and rebuilt and painted it. She has since handed it down to her younger sister.
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    Bianchi Nyala chain skipping

    FYI. A chain measures 12" from pin to pin. Any more then that it's stretched.
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    I got it up and,...

    My favorite part, thinking. It requires a beer or whiskey shot.😉
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    I got it up and,...

    It's a lot of colors. I throw "whatever" on there for a patina look. The rims are original paint with stripe. It's now behind this,...
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    I got it up and,...

    I haven't been here for a while, I have a distraction. I haven't built one of these until now. Oh boy the adventure ($$$$$) begins!
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    I got it up and,...

    Getting a little closer. While fitting a chain I realized the rear hub is gutless. I must've thrown it together for a show.😯
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    Me and Paul

    I like Paul🤘
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    I got it up and,...

    Not sure I understand the poll thing. I couldn't post until I did it. Probably just me 🤪 put the proto down Paulie.
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    I got it up and,...

    got it rolling. Not done, rolling. Finally after years of collecting parts and bikes. I always just build one bike for show that year. I pulled this together with spare parts. And, like all of us on here, we got lots-o-spares. Spare frames, wheels, cranks, bikes, pedals, get it. Now let's...
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    What have you been riding lately?

    They ride real smooth,...