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    were do you drawl the line? how many bikes are 1 to many?

    I figure that there may be 3 parts to the question or answer, based on space (easily visualized), time (not spent for doing other things), and money (which can sometimes be exchanged for the other two). When one recognizes that the too-many line has been crossed, it is often by more than just 1...
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    Pricing and identification help?

    Both look like middleweight bicycles from the 1960’s. Girls is a Huffy, (as labeled), and boys has some Murray looks.
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    SOLD Delete

    Thanks, I was more familiar with the M2600.
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    Unknown Murray bike

    Different retailers had different names; Murray called theirs the “Meteor Flite” and referred to a “Boys hydrogen brazed frame with double twin tubing”. The Murray “Missile” had a more typical 1” top tube on its “Boys hydrogen brazed three bar cantilever frame”.
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    HP Snyder Peerless ID

    If the prefix is a letter “Z” versus a number “1” or “7” then the year 1938 might fit. (Rollfast workers may have had difficulty in fully stamping by hand such tall letters on a curved round surface). I believe that the semi-streamlined frame (with the straight down tube) was 1937-1942 for...
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    SOLD Delete

    So, the Newsboy is called B2600; is that new or old designation; is a Newsgirl (step-thru) a G2600?
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    Dyno Moto7

    I believe that Dyno bicycles may have a serial number stamp indicating a date. Thinking late 1990's or early 2000's. Not the "Moto Glide" model or those with the fiberglass tank. Some parts may have been added/swapped; such as rack seat and Monark-style springer forks?
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    HP Snyder Peerless ID

    A post from the BMX Museum website and elsewhere: From the book: Mossberg More Gun for the Money: "in early 1973, Mossberg purchased the stock of the HP Snyder company of Little Falls, NY. "At the time we bought Snyder...
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    HP Snyder Peerless ID

    I'll work on fixing it then. From congressional hearing July 14, 1977. Also, wondering about 1952-54, skipping 2 letters I and J, or maybe I missed it?
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    Dyno Von Franco

    I like the Schwalbe 2.35" tires on a Dyno frame; big apple rear, fat frank front.
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    Shapely 1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike Project

    Well, they misspelled it on one of the pages. I used to have other pages of unknown date indicating other badges which I have never heard of. More on Diamonds:
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    Can't identify this Pre-war bike. Need help.

    I believe that Shelby produced that girls bicycle style both pre and post war. The serial numbers should be on the bottom of the crank housing. Six digits may indicate pre war; and five digits might be 1940-50’s. The shock ease springer fork was patented in 1939-40, and a new design was...
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    HP Snyder Peerless ID

    The chart below has information from Adam @Rustinkerer and others; and a lot of backwards guessing into yesteryears. Not sure how reliable any of it might be; especially the teens, twenties, and seventies.
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    Shapely 1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike Project

    @sthpawil Westfield supplied bicycles to many retail outfits. I have seen the diamond stamps before, but not aware of their significance. A hardware store did have a slogan, "the diamond edge is a quality pledge" - (perhaps before they bought out the keen-kutter brand from E.C. Simmons).
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    26" Murray identification

    MOT-W might indicate a 1957-W Murray that was built in Tennessee; which begins with T, which stands for trouble.