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    Got some bikes I'm hoping to sell/trade at a swap meet, need help on pricing

    The Murray built MX might do MUCH more than $150 on Ebay. It's one that has more demand than supply. That bike could go $300+
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    Glitter Pedals - Buzz Bike - Western Flyer

    New one for me me. The pedals sealed the deal. Glitter pedals, kind of a no brainer deal. I believe a 1968 Western Flyer Buzz Bike F5. I'll clean it up & see if anyone around here will ride it.
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    New Huffy Dragster find. Original owner family

    Stealing images from Karenrcc (I know the seller).
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    New Huffy Dragster find. Original owner family

    A new find off Ebay but went & picked it up today (bought yesterday). I believe this is an original 1966 Dragster 3spd. I don't believe they ever had a console. Bike seems right except for the dual redline tires (missing but I do have correct rear slick). Anyone have a 20 x 1.75 dual redline for...
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    Prewar Board track replica frame has me perplexed

    Now you know what it is & not a Higgins.
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    Prewar Board track replica frame has me perplexed

    Thank you. I think this solves the mystery. I didn't realize Columbia was still making these straight & small curved toplease tube into the 50s.
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    Prewar Board track replica frame has me perplexed

    I've been researching for the last week trying to identify this frame. Straight bar but curved downtube & reverse dropouts? I think it was a more modern frame with the two top tubes welded in. Then I look at the back half & looks postwar? Did it start life as a woman's frame? Is it a real deal...
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    1968 Sears Spyder

    I was thinking about building something like this out of mine.
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    1968 Sears Spyder

    At some point it will probably go. I want to clean it a little bit & decide if this one or my Iverson Roadrunner should go. I have too little time to start collecting 100 bicycles again.
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    Wanted 1972 Schwinn 5 Speed rear wheel with disc brake

    What part actually broke? There is a hanger, a caliper, a hub & a disc plus numerous other parts. There are lots of replacement pieces out there but a whole disc setup seems extreme for a "broken" piece.
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    1968 Sears Spyder

    Not really "found" as much as 1st one to respond to a FB Marketplace post. I'm not collecting like I once was but when the price is a giveaway I can't resist. I have truly lost the bike hunting & hoarding passion but still know a deal when I see it...:grin: Pretty nice bike with original...
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    Huffy Muscle Bike Haul...

    HOLY SMOKES! Just saw this. Wonder if you have gotten any PMs. VERY COOL. Months of work paying off. Too bad the steering wheels weren't attached to the shafts.
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    NOS drag brake muscle bike shifters

    PM sent on 5spd shifter. I'll take it.
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    Finally picked up my bike

    WD40 & what? Love the look. Time capsule!