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    Diamondback Voyager Cruiser/MTB

    Diamondback voyager cruiser mountain bike. 17 inch frame. 21 speed's. Front suspension. 7000 series aluminum frame. Finish wear but everything works. Cracks in seat vinyl. Pick up in lower Manhattan NYC or Union NJ. Local delivery possible. Shipping is possible but it will cost you a fee plus...
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    I saw the bike at Sports Authority a few years ago. I brought my wife there to buy it for her (she declined and later regreted) It had that laid back geometry and a light aluminum frame.
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    I love off road Cruisers

    DON;T DO IT! I have one of these bikes, they are hard to find. I'd consider it irreplaceable. Mine is my hot rod cruiser. Easier to replace or reprogram the boss. Good Luck with that. Keep the bike.
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Love the gold Schwinn. Don't change a thing
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    Schwinn Speedster - FINISHED!

    Re: Schwinn Speedster I had the same thing in mind with a 3 spd version but people wanted a lot of money on CL. Found a $100 Trel Classic instead. Can;t wait to see yours.
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    New OP or used Trek Cruiser

    Re: New OP or used Trek Cruiser, Treks for sale Bought the trek from a bike rental place at The Battery in Manhattan. They checked it out for me.I rode it to the train station to take home for the weekend. The quality difference is apparent and they have a few more mens black and ladies...
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    Which flat black spray paint

    Painting a cruiser flat black for commuter street use to be left outdoors. Any recomendations which brand is more durable
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    New OP or used Trek Cruiser

    Have a chance to but new walmart Op cruiser or well used but good condition Trek cruiser. Both aluminum frame $100 each. Any opinions which to buy?
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    How To Ship a Bike (Please read and contribute)

    Re: How To Ship a Bike Help I'm in Trouble I just sold 2 bikes on ebay after estimating shipping(used 40lb and a 4ft box about $50) Packed the bikes in standard bike boxes (5ft long) both UPS and Fedex Ground want $120 to ship. The MTB box can be smaller but the cruiser takes up the whole...
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    Bending/stretching Aluminum frames?

    I have a Trek Rail that I'd like to replace the coaster brake with a 3spd Shimano hub. That calls for widening the chain stays. I know its done on steel bikes. Will a aluminum frame tolerate some bending?
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    Weird people on Craigslist - Tell your story

    Am I in Trouble? Post my 24 yr old Black Chrome Schwinn Sierra on CL. Somebody e mails me asks if its still available. Next a lady emails me says her "assistant" told her of the bike, cannot pick up imediatly but would send money, she would add $25 to hold it. I give her my address and paypal...
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    Somerville NJ 7/30 build off bike Debut

    I have family obligation that day but will try to meet you guys at the courthouse 6pm. Have any other info/ cross streets for me? I'm coming from Toms River.
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    My rat rod engagement pic

    Ah to be young and in love! Concrats! If I had engagement pics it would have my parents behind me snikering and wispering "finally got rid of the little junk bike freak"
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    looking for members my age?

    I'm old enough to have had the first "StingRay" bike in the neighborhood around 1965 and the first skateboard around 67 but my wife says I;m still having a happy childhood. Even tho I got calluses older than you its great to know everyone here of all ages. Always something to learn and share...