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    How to work out correct sissy bar and seat length

    Thanks guys. got impatient after a few days and have ordered these Hoping I’ll be okay and they’ll fit my new build okay. I’ve a number of different seat post I can choose from but it was the height I was worried about!
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    How to work out correct sissy bar and seat length

    Brilliant! Thanks mate !! 😀
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    How to work out correct sissy bar and seat length

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else but I’ve looked and not quite found the answers. Even more important to get it right as I need to order from overseas… How do I work out what size / length sissy bar I need and also banana seat, based on my bike size. looking to fit to a 24” wheels...
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    Quick Question….

    ……how is the general feeling about cannibalising previous builds to create a new one. I see this as a journey, not acquisition….I played with Lego (a lot) as a kid. Asking for a friend ….
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    Build Off 16 Prize Pot

    I’ll do a sketch / painting on canvas based on my favourite photo across all of the bikes in the finished bikes thread Just need to work out which one that is!........
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    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ All The Way To The Finish

    Rock Solid mate! ‘Plan Jane’ to ‘Chasey Lain’. It looks like a really solid ride and a lot of fun. Thanks to you also for your support throughout the build..’You had me at DK’ ;)
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    Rusty Red Transporter

    I love this. All bikes should look this effortlessly cool....(although there is a great amount of effort and work / detail gone into this). I want you do them in black ;)
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    I really (really) love all the subtle details on this bike. It may be the old graphic designer coming out in me, but the tone on tone, bass relief, touches are extraordinary! It’s beautiful mate. It’s really inspired me for my next build, where I want to go mechanically simpler but more...
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ - Sexy HEXy the 1947 Hot Rod Silver King Hex Tube - 3rd PLACE

    What can anyone say mate, class act from start to finish! You have really helped me throughout this whole build off with encouragement and advice.....for which I am eternally grateful. I think you definitely have this one ‘in the bag’ :)
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    Jackhammer’d...’For Louise’

    Really kind words. Thank you very much….
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    Jackhammer’d...’For Louise’

    A few more pics of the little extras…
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    Jackhammer’d...’For Louise’

    Wow...what a ride Finally made it to the finish line with a day to spare.. The world has collectively had an extremely tough time recently. This year, two days after my birthday, my best friend for nearly 35 years, took her own life. Almost immediately after, I started taking stuff apart, but...
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    Ten Turing - the Coalshed Racer

    Absolutely luuuv it ! !
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    Okay…. ‘Stick a fork in me…I’m done’ Photo shoot tomorrow and the sun is promising to make an appearance around lunchtime. What a blast it has been! Had to rethink the tail light and due to timing plump for a shop bought rear light Moved the headlamp so it is attached to the stem. Much...