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    FREE 26" Stylyx bicycle frame (pick up only, Riverside CA)

    Free Stylyx Bicycle frame with chainguard, forks, gooseneck, handlebars & seatpost. Sizes for 26" wheels. Pick up only in Riverside CA.
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    Felt 24" Coaster Spoke Size help

    I laced the wheels for my HB using Felt rims/14g spokes, and no issues with nipples pulling through the holes. Holmes Hobbies is the only place I'm aware of for custom length 12g spokes, but only in bare stainless or black.
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    Remove clicking sound from Nexus

    You can't eliminate the clicks, but you can noticeably quiet them down by adding some more grease to the pawls (this is why some are noisier than others). Use the recommended Nexus white grease, or something similar, which is kind of creamy and buttery. Using a grease that's too thick, and/or...
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    Before committing to try installing 80mm rims on your RF, read the following thread where the OP attempted to put 80's on his Ghostrider.
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    Show me your WHEEL

    While upgrading the hubs on my stock Hellbilly, I figured I'd "jazz up" the wheels, a bit. Got a hold of some cool looking painted gold Felt 50mm hoops (Thanks Nick!). I decided to lace them with a standard 3 cross, and experiment with using black spokes on the right, and gold spokes on the...
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    pictures of trikes

    There's already a couple of existing trike threads, here. I would post links for ya, but I'm currently to lazy to search :)
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    Offset cog on a Nexus 7 hub....

    Just as Migs stated, those offset cogs will not work with a Nexus 7, due to the "shifting mechanism" (Cassette joint) being in the way, and it's not something you could just "add washers" to. As far as a "dishing" the wheel, a better explanation would be to offset the rim towards the left...
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    Show me your WHEEL

    Very cool, indeed! Never even considered this possibility. A 72 spoke setup, which would accept a 6L-6T pattern, but instead you reduced it to 5L-5T, and utilized the empty holes for some "hootch". This is totally ingenious!!
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    Sturmey Archer 8 speed hubs

    Yeah..... you would have to use a small chainring. Also, I don't have any experience with that particular SA 8 speed hub, but I did try out an SA 5 speed drum hub, and I didn't like the way it wouldn't shift under a load nearly as well as either a 3 or 7 speed nexus. Almost had to stop...
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    Drum/Roller brake combo which brake levers to use?

    True, but from what I've seen, most sellers don't advertise levers as "short pull" or "long pull", but use the terms "V brake" or "canti" (etc), instead, so it helps to understand the difference. If you do an Ebay search for using the terms "short pull" or "long pull" brake levers, hardly...
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    i need 24" tubes for the 24" 3G fat tires

    Hmmm.... My LBS stocks 24x3 tubes, so I just walk in and get one.
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    Trueing a trike rim

    This is the way I do mine. I flip the trike upside down, so the handlebars rest on the ground (for stability). I then stack some properly sized stuff under the rear housing, to hold the wheel at just the right height, which allows me to slide my truing stand into a usable position.
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    Radial (spiral) lacing or rear wheel?

    First off, from what I've read, a "spiral" is different than a "radial". The below pic is what people seem to call a spiral: Now....... 99.99% of people will tell you to absolutely not do a radial on the rear, especially if the braking force is at the hub. I've read a few comments where...
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    nexus 7 speed coaster hub

    Your 7C18 is steel. The 18's have some sort of protective finish, and looks sorta like very thin silver/gray paint. The NX3's look the same way. The steel 16's look more like bare metal with a clear protective finish.