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    2016 SE OM Flyer Frameset $300

    Oh my. Can I get some close ups on the rear dropouts?
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    Twice Round the Bend

    Here is an Elgin Twin frame without the shroud... ...I prefer it with the shroud (not mine...I haven't been that lucky yet!).
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    55 Rollfast

    The legs are wrong for a Monark. I think @Wildcat got it with the knee action Rollfast springer... I didn't know they existed.
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    Shelby bicycle

    Welcome to RRB! Tell us more about you and your Shelby! :thumbsup:
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    Home built frames

    Every Class 2 RRBBO entry for years to one degree or other! :113: There is also a scratch built sub-forum under the Builds forum category. You can also search for 'square tubing' and have quite a few pages of results to dig through....most won't be frames from square tubing, but some will.
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    Coast to Coast

    Should be stamped on the left (non-drive side) rear dropout. Should look something like this...
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    BO15 Blue Dream

    Nice! :thumbsup:
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    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    Not mine ..
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    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    So... results of this transaction. It was looking to be a doubley good deal as the prices on the ones I choose were lower than the store prices before the 40% off. I ordered the: Firestone Super Stones Ford Truck '76 Dodge Truck with mini bike Supernatural 4dr Impala ...on the online order...
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    Recent acquisitions!

    It gets worse if you knew what I paid for it. :grin:
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    Recent acquisitions!

    Stuck on the back of the Jeep with a For Sale sign for the swap meet...I should have backed it in as no one could see it from the swap, and there weren't many fresh arrivals after I got there and I left early. Possibly missed opportunity :grin:. It's a small, 2nd annual, meet that only goes...
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    Recent acquisitions!

    A small swapmeet score from yesterday. A (26" wheel) Snyder...around '33-'36 or so. Solid real damage beyond paint. Schwinn exerciser bars, stem and seat clamp. Stem and seat clamp for klunkers. Bars for BMX (with added crossbar) or mini-apes.
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    New member Cleveland Ohio

    Welcome to RRB! Sweet fleet! :thumbsup: Jason
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    One piece atatime

    Cool ride! :thumbsup: Looking forward to seeing your progress!
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    Rigid Rodent. Update plus a bonus !

    I know you've been fighting these battles for a long time, Tom. I'll send positive thoughts your way... and have my Wife add you to our church's prayer chain. A whole church full of additional prayers can't hurt! :113: Stay'll win the war, Jason