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    Wow, this is so sad. I've met up with Chainy a few times at bike shows and a Freak Bike Militia ride and he was hilarious -- great sense of humor. I'll never forget his laugh, and he was super generous. One time at the Grand Rapids Autorama he gave me a Stingray II frame/fork that I built up...
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    American Flyer by Schwinn and others

    Very nice. That Brooks saddle is icing on the cake!
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    Sears Spaceliner

    Wow!!! Score!!
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Is the seat high enough? :dance2:
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    ** Vintage Trike Score **

    I think it's a mid-70s Murray. You stole it for 15 bucks! Those things are so much fun.
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    1979 Schwinn Fair Lady

    Pretty. :)
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    how old

    I don't know but the tank is killer!
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    R.I.P. Don Van Cleave

    I met him years ago. He was a great guy... RIP.
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    This Bugs Me.

    Repop sounds cool. Repro, repo... Meh, close enough. It's when adult native English speakers mix up there, they're, their, its, it's, then, than, you're and your that frustrates me. What's worse is when I see someone on YouTube say, "Your stupid." <--- That's my biggest pet peeve by far. It...
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    Anybody Got A Flat????

    A little duct tape, maybe. ;)
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    Me likes!
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    Puch Bobber

    Looks great! I have the same carburetor on my 66cc motorized bike (legally registered as a moped). Tons of power! I hope you get it to fit somehow... perhaps get an offset intake manifold?
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    The 'new'

    I thought the old homepage design couldn't get any better, but the new one is AMAZING!!!
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    The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

    $10,000,000 wasted. This idea should have stayed as ink on paper. :lol:
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    Puch Bobber

    Wow, this is turning out awesome! I love the seat suspension.