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    SS cook bros bars?

    I didn't think about nickel plated! that could be it..
  2. scrumblero

    Team Murray

    That's dope!
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    Haro SR-71

    Its the lighter' tank! =D
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    SS cook bros bars?

    I got these bars off a old redline squareback, 24x8 real CB's I think.. Did they make stainless ones? everything else was horribly rusted..
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    Free Pugeot mixtie east bay

    looks to be mid 70's
  6. scrumblero

    Free K50 comp 3's 20" east bay

    and a set of 16" wheels to boot.
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    show us your BEER BIKE

    All my bikes are beer bikes.. or vodka bikes if it's Friday... ;)
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    Fleet Liner?

    NM I see the pic's now, The rear brake bridge is gonna be the key to figuring out what the frame is. (Chain guard looks like Huffy to me) All the other stuff looks like Murray.
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    Fleet Liner?

    I think all the "Liner bikes had twin top tubes , that kinda looks like Murray forks on an old Huffman. Got any more detailed pictures? It looks like someone transfered most of the parts from a liner over.
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    Two Raleighs

    That townie is loaded! great scores!
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    Meetings in San Fran?

    we have "critical mass" here, you should try and catch one..
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    WTB: 26 inch red, white and blue cruiser tires

    That company was called "sweetskinz" I haven't seen any in a while tho, not sure they are still around..
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    Lucky 7 seatpost the same as 5/8" rod?

    ya, I have made a bunch from that HD 5/8" rod, it's heavy but they don't bend.
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    Wheelman hub service???

    is there not a set screw on the bottom of the lolipops?
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    1967 Ross Barracuda - Class 1, Finished

    :13: love the truss/bars!!