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    Bikes on bridges

    Wizzletooth I always like your Bikes on Bridges photos. Be well, SS.
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    Bikes on bridges

    Thanks DC. It is an architecturally pleasing bridge. I hope it actually works. Thinking about how politics get entwined in public projects. Is it designed for vehicles and pedestrians or a "rail to trail" type of bridge? So basically people and bikes? Be Well, SS.
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    Bikes on bridges

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    Bikes on bridges

    Nice ride Wizzle. Be Well, SS.
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    Saw this "Tom Cat" tail light . . .

    Kevin B thanks for the reminder. I found the ad and bought a second one. I want one each for the both of us. Be Well, SS.
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    Ruff Lucky frame electric build

    I like the progression of ideas and the energy you spent accomplishing them. The frame looks better with lowered seat and extended out the back. I thought it looks like a motorcycle with its own twist. I like the idea of wider straight bars as they increase control. The shifter and IGH are cool...
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    Bikes on bridges

    That would be called a river in some areas. I went over the little Platte river in Smithville Missouri yesterday on a road trip. It looked like you could jump across without running ahead of the jump. Be Well, SS.
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    CyCLo KiLLeR - Last minute details, and a teaser!

    You need one front and rear. And good brakes. Be well, SS.
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    Bikes on bridges

    Wow thanks Matti. Be Well, SS.
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    Terrible twos

    You're getting there. Be Well, SS.
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    25% acetic acid vinegar for paint/rust removal?

    That's a most thorough description of a couple of methods. The Flower? What is that about? I missed it. Maybe mix something with flour to make it stay against the metal? Sorry but I'm old and ADHD doesn't make for good reading comprehension. And I forget more easily. Did I mention I forget...
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    Bikes on bridges

    Thanks, they look elegant. Be Well, SS.
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    Bikes on bridges

    Is that a single speed rear hub W/brake? Be Well, SS
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    25% acetic acid vinegar for paint/rust removal?

    M4RM x 2. That's the precise method I would recommend. I use baking soda for lots of things. I even buff out brass and such with the baking soda. Just always be sure to rinse it completely. If you leave some, it may cause an unwanted discoloration . Be Well, SS.
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    Greetings From Bali!

    We already spoke but WELCOME TO RRB. And my usual prayer for all, Be Well, SS.