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  • Like so many others , looking for a nice laid back seat post with the 45 ish angle and gussetting for a few klunker builds I have in progress ?... what might your availability on them be ? Thanks
    Hi, are you still making the stainless laid back seatposts? I need a few. I've sent a few messages and haven't heard back. Please let me know. Thank you, Danny
    Looking for a laid back post for a 60's Schwinn Speedster. I need it laid back about 3 or 4 inches and will use the stock seat. Zip is 30528. First time ordering so let me know how it works. Whats the time frame and cost? Thanks, Jeff
    I live in Cedar Rapids. Can you enlighten me on how I would go about registering a Schwinn Frame with the aftermarket stinger 66cc/80cc motor so I can ride it on the streets? Would like to ride the bike to work but would occasionally like to crank over the motor every now and again. I've tried to make rhyme or reason for the laws between bikes and mopeds but cant figure it out.
    It's a long shot but do you have any more truss rod brackets available? If you do, I for sure what (need) two.
    Thank You
    Hey there, my name is Mike. I need a seat post for my spaceliner frame. I believe it's a 13/16ths post. I need a 90deg bend with 5" inside to end of post for seat. My zip is 81001. Please let me know how much shipped and paypal info. Thanks and have a great day. The seat end doesn't need to be turned down... I think?
    Hi I'm very interested in ur products! I recently bought a vintage worksman frame and wanted to use bmx style forks on it but the steering tube is 3/4" to short ! I saw on another members post that you guys made a sleeve to make the forks 3/4" longer! If possible I would like 2!! Thanks , Noe
    New guy here. lookin for a laid back seat post for a schwinn del mar would like it set back around 6 inches i think. Lemme know how this works.
    Hey! Just saw the post on custom seatpost shims. I need one in the style exactly as shown in the pic with an ID of 22.2 and OD of 26.2. Can you do it? I'm located in Denver, CO (but originally from just outside Omaha!).


    Hello! I saw your seat posts on this site and would LOVE to get a 90 degree post for my 1946 CWC Roadmaster. I have seen some posts that you have done for the this same frame. I am pretty sure its 5/8". Can you quote me in steel and stainless to 33441? Thank you!!
    Hi, Slowriderz. I'm interested in purchasing some of your truss rod brackets. Just tell me how to go about it and it's a done deal.
    Thanks, Kenny
    Hello, I was wondering if I can get your Paypal information? I'm interested in the 25.4 - 7/8 with the 90 degree bend.
    Thank you
    im interested in the far right seat post ( not quite a 90 degree angle ) in a 7/8 shipped to 78201 san antonio texas. my email is or call and text to 2108338530. josh. if yall the slowriders offering stickers on facebook i like to get some of them too. thanks bud
    Hi slowriderz! I need to buy 2 laid back seat posts from you. One is for a 1960's Spaceliner and the other is for a 1960's Firestone Fleet 880. I am guessing I will need 7/8 for both and both will need to be almost 90 degrees. Please let me know if you have other questions, timing and how I can pay you. I look forward to hearing from you, Ryan
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