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    Kali Kat - Class 1

    Just saw the build off started when I checked in this weekend - I was kinda expecting an email announcement? I'm glad we have until February. I purchased this 1977 Murray Fire Kat in the condition shown. Wrong and strange sissy bar and seat, kludged rear fender, rattle can paint everywhere...
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    1978 Murray KING KAT

    Beautiful. Where did you get the decal set? I need one. Thanks!
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    Fiesta Ray Completed

    The 1967 custom "Stingray" is complete minus a little 3 speed tweaking.... Its a compressed frame bike but now uses a Stingray length crank, 1970+ handlebars, a set of S-7 wheels with a 3 speed, a Fairlady rear fender, and a fork that I had bent from a 26" Breeze with a Wald mini front fender...
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    Some New Forks

    I agree that the long frames look best with any of the custom forks. Really need to get one. Someday one will pop up locally....
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    Fiesta-Ray MBBO Class 2

    Classic oversight - forgot to tell the coater not to shoot in the kickstand hole... Thank you Mr. Dremel
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    Is this a Raleigh Fireball?

    The shifter is everything on that. Its the dual 3 speed / 2 speed hub correct? Not an easy find. Very cool and unique.
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    Some New Forks

    Very cool. I'm digging that Top Fueler because it gives "the look" but still looks rideable. The straight forks look great with the triangular frames and the lowrider curved looks great with the Schwinn frame.
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    Fiesta-Ray MBBO Class 2

    Thanks. Yes, a single color - it does not have the candy metallic look of the last couple of bikes I had done which were transparent top coats. Probably should have had them shoot white 1st to lighten it. Like this Murray that was green flake over green.
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    1967 Schwinn Fastback (Class 1): Completed

    I would say that you have achieved the goal of a beautiful new 1967 Fastback. Nice!
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    Fiesta-Ray MBBO Class 2

    Got everything back from the powder coater. Lighting made it look funny. I think I would call the color "seriously purple"
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    1967 Schwinn Fastback (Class 1): Completed

    I tore apart a couple seats this weekend. This was an old krate seat. Schwinn used a glued pad then a wrap using some type of low density PU upholstery foam. There were plastic "edge guards" over the front and back end edges as well. (to not rip the material?) Not sure how the methods changed...
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    '71 Schwinn Stardust 10-Speed (Class 1)

    I like the seat foam idea! I haven't done a seat but have been collecting pans and materials to do so for some time. I was going to glue a cut piece of 3/16" polyethylene sheet to the pan then wrap in 1/2' medium density polyurethane but the Dacron wrap looks much easier to wrap. Instead, I...
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    1967 Schwinn Fastback (Class 1): Completed

    The color or the tragic chip? It sure looks like translucent Schwinn Violet to me! You could have bought the licensed Schwinn base 1/2 pint for 69.95 and the 1/2 pint of Violet for 69.95 x 2. So you saved money! Almost like it's free..... haha
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    (MBBO#6 Class 2) Twist of Lemon

    This completion needs a 3rd category called "Pro" or something. Wow - the engineering and fabrication skill sets are off the charts here.