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    Id be happy with a D- at least Id graduate :crazy:
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    Z bars?:banana:
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    sweet! how does it ride?
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    Im fallin behind! Ive gotta stop ridin my bike and start buildin it!
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    '52 Schwinn DX

    Ive decided on color, but I wont tell you what it is, I can only give you a hint
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    '52 Schwinn DX

    I havent been on the forum for a long time, and what better way to come back than with a build off! I picked up this little gem at the Saline Ann Arbor swap, and it sure could use some TLC. Not entirely sure of its direction, but it'll tell me how it wants to look.;) Since taking these...
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    Hey BMX'ers, I Need a Front Hub!

    Re: Hey BMX'ers, I Need Hubs! try lots of RAD stuff and people!
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    Why would anyone want to make ratrods?

    oh and both first and 3rd bikes have been painted, i can post the most recent pictures if you'd like.
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    Why would anyone want to make ratrods?

    You mad, bro? :roll: you're on a rat rod board; its gonna happen. I make a huge hobby out of it, and I know a ton of others that do as well.
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    Anyone ever see a seat like this?

    70's musclebike material for sure. they made some funky seats BITD
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    Any advice on an old school looking helmet?

    get a bell helmet. if evel kinevel wore it, its good enough for you. :wink:
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    1959 Schwinn Rat Rod

    :lol: how much you want for it?
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    Straight from Bonneville***The Speed Demon***

    that is TOO COOL! :o
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    so awesome. so over the top it works. Ed would be proud 8)
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    Show us your Cars!

    does it have a hemi? :lol: