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The Renaissance Man

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  • Congrats on your awesome build ! The bike looks great! I'm getting close to being finished with a build with one of your tanks. (great quality tank ) Thanks for the inspiration that you have given me with your talent and undeniable artistic gift.
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    The Renaissance Man
    The Renaissance Man
    Thanks David. I've been wondering about your build. Looking forward to seeing it! Did you go with 'the other idea' with the second tank?
    How do I go about purchasing a tank? Thanks, David
    The Renaissance Man
    The Renaissance Man
    Hey David,
    I would love to see what you would do with one of my tanks!
    The tanks along with stainless mounting hardware and instructions are $189 including free shipping (lower 48) by Postal money order. If you use Paypal it's an additional $6 for fees.

    Thanks for your interest, Jim

    PayPal: [email protected]
    Mr.E. Builder
    Mr.E. Builder
    Sent PayPal pmt. Looking forward to owning one of your tanks! Thanks, David
    Sorry about the phone #... I's been bizzy! I'll try to stop by the shop today or tomorrow to get the number?

    AFAIK, the only way to adjust these coaster brakes is by adjusting that one nut, and mine is jammed right up.

    ive had it off before, but this time its completely stuck and i have no idea how to get a grip on it..... its completely round ?!

    hey, i have one of these hubs.

    I am trying to find some information on how to remove the round cone nut (i think thats what it is)

    my sprocket slides over the grooved protuding part and has a spring clip which holds it in place
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