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    black bikes?

    My 1946 JC Higgins
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    My own Head Badge and a 1915 Shapleigh
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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    1960 Schwinn Racer
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    2 Custom Built PK 80's

    I have 2 Custom Built PK80 engines for sale.... No need to look else where then sink a ton of $ into a Janky engine. These engines are DONE and ready to be installed Both have been port matched , intake and exhaust have been ported and performance enhancements added as well as quality parts and...
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    The Schwinn no one wanted

    I have one of those
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    1918 Harley Davis-son - Mar 16 Not HD Frame, but a Davis National

    I just bought a 1917 Harley Davidson Frame, head set, fork and bottom bracket cups for $108.oo it should be here Mon 4-27-15 I'd post pic's but it is so confusing as to how to post them on this site
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    19? Shaplegh 28" er

    Once I refigure out how to post pic's I will start a build thread, right now I'm trying to figure out what color to paint it ?
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    Board track racer frames

    Try Taylar Motor Bikes [email protected] You can check Dan out on F/B too!
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    19? Shaplegh 28" er

    Well I'm getting the steer tube replaced and then it's off to powder coating.
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    Thanks! for the update, Dec 18th I'll be look'n!
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    19? Shaplegh 28" er

    Thanks! for the info, Sorry I haven't been able to get back with this, been dealing with some medical issues and heavy work load,surgery last Wed so now I can get back into it . Head tube was screwed up so it's getting replaced and struts are getting straightened out as well, I'll be...
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    Can't seem to navigate Ruff site to get the low down on the "Lucky" such as cost and spec's everything I saw was out of stock and "Lucky" wasn't even featured
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    19? Shaplegh 28" er

    I need some help with positive I.D. on maker of this Shapleigh Bicycle considered to in the category of Private Labeled bicycles. Is the manufacturer Emblem, Pope, Westfield or Columbia components are of a much earlier bike, check out the forks definitely not those featured in the 1935...
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    BIKE Identfication Help.

    I have a Shapleigh Special serial # 287718 everything about this bike isn't what catalog say it should be I'm thinking this was made by Pope/Westfield ? Can someone please! help me get an I.D. on this bike
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    Shapleigh WONDER

    Who knows anything about a Shapleigh Special ? 26"er or 28"er Pope or Columbia ?