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    L'Angelo di Ferro

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    So here is a 7 hour build of a 1951 Westfield (Columbia). Nearly all of this was from junk, spare and repurposed parts that I had lying about The bars are from an older build off that I had replaced a while back. As some of you now I worked on a Piano earlier in July that really kicked my rear...
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    Made it, more to follow!
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    Basically I grabbed what I could from my parts boxes in a mad dash to get this bike done, I'm actually pretty darn proud of what I accomplished, granted that I have been hoarding lots and lots of parts for bast builds. My wife brought me the two license plates up from her Grandmothers, I think...
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    Ok I'm back in... Started a bike at 10.... Images will follow when I can breath
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    That piano kicked my rear end... I couldn't get it back on track so I'm out. Good luck to all!
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    So... I'm done... bike time :)
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    FENIX- Finished!

    Ok... I've gone through heck and back with my stupid piano, surely you have something wonderful!
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    SIL's BDay Present: Que Sera Sera, Done and Delivered

    You have always been one of my fav fabricators, looking forward to this!
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    '37 Elfman Streamline Deluxe

    amazing work here!