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  1. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Juggernaut (delayed...)

    Hi guys ! Just a short message to apologize me... I had a lot of work at my job in recent weeks... so I couldn't find the time to finish the Juggernaut :( I repacked up all the parts this weekend... But it's just a break ! I'll take it out for the next Buid Off ;) See ya !
  2. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Juggernaut (delayed...)

    Thanks man ;) Some news... I finally managed to grab all the main parts for this project ! Wheels, tires, bar(s), rear hub, seat, crankset, pedals, some pipes to modify the frame... Basically what it takes to make a bike :D And yes... I did a quick mock-up :happy: (Click for full screen) Not...
  3. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Q U O I S E

    Really nice ;)
  4. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Rincon Brewery Factory Team Edition

    First one is maybe more... smooth than others !
  5. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 ♥︎ Blackheart ♥︎

    Hi Glen, I've just checked on my Basman : Fat Frank width is 65 millimeters, or 2.56 inches. They're fitted on 47 mm width rims (1.87 in). Hope it will help you ;)
  6. V8Ben


    I prefer the first one (on top), patina and shape match better.
  7. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 ☆El Green Go☆1968 Schwinn Panther☆

    It's the better purpose to join in :thumbsup:
  8. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Juggernaut (delayed...)

    Me too :20::D But I'm still waiting some parts (mostly rims and tires...) !
  9. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Naked Trekie

    This sanding will be endless... :whew: Courage dude !!!
  10. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 King Ray

    Sooooo nice ! ;)
  11. V8Ben

    Greetings from overseas !!!

    Thanks Brian, and welcome aboard too ;)
  12. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Juggernaut (delayed...)

    Dig out the thread for some news... I don't have much to show... But until the parts arrive, I looked for a solution to modify the rear ends of the frame... And I think I found it ;) To make you wait, here are two pics of machines which I'll inspire for the build :cool2:
  13. V8Ben

    Greetings from overseas !!!

    Welcome dude ;) A Stude' truck ! Pretty rare and original, nice choice ! Never seen it here in France... Nothing to do with that... But I finished my son's muscle-bike ! (Click on picture for full screen) Now I'll be able to work on my Build Off project :D
  14. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Ratillac.

    A fiberglass body !!! I'd missed that... Awesome :41:
  15. V8Ben

    RRBBO13 Aztec Jaguar / 13th Mental Breakdown

    I prefer the OG fork too !