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    How much you looking for.
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    Looking for a vintage 20" steering tube. For a krate springer fork .
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    Stuff for sale

    Have some parts to get rid of. 1st seat is restored. $35.00. Spaceliner chainguard 45.00, tank is for a woman's j.c higgins bike. 25.00. Handle bars came off a OCC chopper bike that I picked up. 20.00. Last is an Atom brake pads assembly. 50.00
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    Bare Bonnie(ville)

    Love it love it love it. Looks like its doing 200 just standing there.reminds me of the old locomotives with the bullet nose.awesome build
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    The Rail 7

    Loving this build.can't wait to see it finished
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    FINISHED!! First Build- Chopper/cruiser

    looks very cool, first build, definitely not a first time builder cant wait to see this one finished
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    My First Build (1983 Schwinn Cruiser)

    Cool bike. Cant beat flat black red rims and white walls
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    (Muscle Bike) Flightliner.

    Hey guys. Been busy with other things. I left off with this build being finished. But I'm making some changes. Gonna go with drum brakes all around, and a 24" wheel up front. Hard to explain but didn't feel right with the 20" up front. Also gonna change up the fork. Ill post some pics up soon...
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    All things Flightliners...

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    J C Huffins Flightliner

    What kind of fenders are those? They are a nice fit. Bike looks great.
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    (Muscle Bike) Flightliner.

    Re: (Muscle Bike) Flightliner. Finished Well she is all done . Rides nice. Brakes work pretty good don't think I need a front brake
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    (Muscle Bike) Flightliner.

    Got the rear brake hooked up. Waiting on a shifter cable, the correct shifter cable. And a new derailluer.
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    (Muscle Bike) Flightliner.

    the seat is 21.5 inches long. The sissybar is 36". I got the seat from
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    (Muscle Bike) Flightliner.

    Well seats on, have the hand grips need to get a brake lever, chain, and cable's.
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    Evolution of a Cruiser, here I go again.

    That bike has had nine lives. I liked everyone very cool.