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    Rat Rod Furniture / Home Decor

    I'm not sure if every Home Depot is doing this but my Home Depot is selling these wine crates specifically for making a coffee table. They were not stained though. Saw it the other day and a picture of the Pinterest logo and a picture of a coffee table
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    Drome racers

    Does the one have a modified fire extinguisher as a gas tank? I want to do that on my current motorbike build! Was it easy to convert? Any tips?
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    Introduction and new project

    Welcome! If you decide to get rid of the motor kit I'd be interested in purchasing it if it's in my price range!
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    (WBO) '36 Elgin Bluebird CRUSToration. (DONE!!!)

    Upon further review.....PERFECT PATINA on the speedo. Matches the paint perfect!
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    (WBO) '36 Elgin Bluebird CRUSToration. (DONE!!!)

    Does the speedo come apart? If it does you could clean up the glass a little bit to see the face and you'll keep the crust and rust on the face. You'll just be able to see it easier. Do you plan to get it working? I love this project! Wish someone would come to me with a bluebird lol good luck...
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    Old guy from PA

    I graduated from Bristol High just last year and that rivalry still goes strong. Morrisville's football team isn't what it used to be. The past couple years the Thanksgiving game was cancelled! Over 80 years of that tradition spoiled. Levittown Shopping Center has been resurrected if you're...
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    Old guy from PA

    I'm from Bristol! You've probably seen me in the courier for baseball lol Welcome to the site!
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    1939 Rollfast Boardtracker 12/27

    I'll go take a look at how you did it then!
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    1939 Rollfast Boardtracker 12/27

    Nylock? Is that like the loctite glue to hold screws in place? I'm still thinking of fork ideas. Do I go for the leaf spring suspension that's on the Indian i have pictures of do I go for the Schwinn type girder? I'm still thinking it over.
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    Quincy Flyer

    I think a bobbed rear fender but no front fender would look good.
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    Anyone good with woodworking?

    Okay here's the finished product for anyone that was following this. HE LOVES IT! Now its proudly displayed on the buffet
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    guess what!.....i like bikes!

    Welcome to the sickness