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    Vintage 3 speed modified with drop bars.

    That's right, it should have uprights, the brake levers are made for them. But it's all there, handle grips and shifter and all.
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    Riff Ratt upgrade

    I went back to the original apes and the fenders I looked at previously finally went on sale. Instead of fifty bucks, they were less than twenty. They showed up in two days from ordering. I just laid them on for a look and will do some modifying and mounting tomorrow.
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    Dumb Question about cables

    You found the right part and it works? Make a note of that, and celebrate. That is a rarity. Take a pic and tack it up on your workbench for posterity. 99% of the time, the part is missing or can't be found. What you do find won't work, but looks like it will. You will spend hours trying to get...
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    Virtue Ortho

    It seems like it would cost more to make that frame. The same angles would be easy to make and use high handlebars to get the same rider geometry. Less weight and the fork wouldn't need the long tube. Maybe there's a good reason.
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    Early schwinn continental id ?

    If it were a 56 model, the serial number would be on the dropout. So it's between 1946 and 1952.
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    Early schwinn continental id ?

    That's a great looking bike. "X" on my serial number list would be 1938, but Schwinn didn't go to forward facing dropouts until after WW2 in 1946, so it's 1946 or later. It may have been right when they began the production at the end of the war. Since Schwinn lost all the recorded serial...
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    Upgrades to 65 Schwinn Coppertone

    Agreed, shine that coppertone! A few coats of car paste wax will really bring it out. If that's a Nexus 3, it shouldn't be too hard to shorten the cable and add a shifter. You could mount it just about anywhere you wanted. I see you kept the Schwinn one piece cranks. Those should work fine as...
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    HAWTHORNE, what year? Pics😁

    It's Snyder made, going by the dropouts and chain ring and a couple other features. They went out of business (Rollfast) in the early 70's, then Mossberg made Rollfast bikes. Yours has late 60's features, like the rack, seat, and pedals. There's no BMA6 decal on the seat tube which was required...
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    Garage sale Columbia Tandem - all original

    The number on a Columbia is a smaller font and isn't as easily seen as other bikes. It should be on the left dropout. It should be a letter followed by 6 numbers. My first wife couldn't ride a bike but could ride well as the stoker on our tandem. I was surprised that it wasn't a chore staying...
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    Garage sale Columbia Tandem - all original

    It does look all there and in good condition. The forks are straight which is proof it wasn't abused. The cranks are in sync which means there hasn't been any work done on it. You might want newer tires, 26 x 1.75 is the size probably. That will improve the ride. Then a little white touchup...
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    *MBBO/ORBO* - So, who's in and for what category??

    I'm in for the OR category. I want to do a vintage style bike, but probably won't find a decent frame so I'll enter the bike I'm making for the wife. Just picked up this frame from the scrapyard. I've got wheels and everything, just need a fork, tires and a paintjob.
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    Last new frame from the scrap pile

    I looked for a 92 Nishiki, this looks pretty close: This is something I haven't seen before, it must be part of the front derailleur system.
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    Huffy Thunder road, Silver King?

    Welcome aboard! That's right, 1975, first number is the last digit of the year on a Huffy. On the BMX museum page, they have some Monark bikes like that, but not the 75 model, 78 and newer. Here's a 75 Huffy Thunder Road they do show:
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    Last new frame from the scrap pile

    The frame is just bare metal, not chrome, and it's used, the drive side cup on the BB is spot welded on. It's a 16" frame, good for the wife to ride. It's the first frame I've had that uses an 1 1/8th headset. Probably none of my standard forks will work with it? The serial number shows it to...
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    Last new frame from the scrap pile

    I got my wish, we went to the scrapyard to get all the new old frames I didn't get before. They were all gone! I picked out the best ones last year so it probably isn't that great a loss. Then my wife spotted this frame in a corner hanging up behind some motorcycle wheels and other stuff. It's...