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  1. Machine Age Victim

    Build Off 15 Prize Pool

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling on this. I'm in for the 2nd Place prize for Class 1, the position I got last year. Also, a special something to a build of my choosing, a battery powered Schwinn wall clock*. *functionality of clock undetermined
  2. Machine Age Victim

    BO15 Splinter (or how I learned to love a LOT of sanding)

    I'm finally going to build a bike I've always wanted to make. Been throwing around ideas for years and started collecting parts and materials since the end of last year. The plan, pretty close to this design: The material: I've done some woodworking before, nothing on this scale, and 4...
  3. Machine Age Victim

    Machine Age Victim's Award for Mechanical Excellence

    I thought this would be easy, offer up a prize and pick the clear winner, nope! So many amazing bikes built, and so many skilled mechanics has made this a very difficult decision. This is a completely subjective award but these bikes could never be honored enough. The prize: one of these, a...
  4. Machine Age Victim


    So glad to see this project finished, started with a 1935 Wards Hawthorne Duralium frame. Here's the build thread: http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/aluminaughty-1935-wards-hawthorne-duralium-panel-progress.108677/
  5. Machine Age Victim

    AlumiNaughty: 1935 Wards Hawthorne Duralium, Finished!

    This is a 1935 Wards Hathorne Duralium "Window lug" frame. I have a few ideas kicking around, so we'll see which direction it takes, but here's the beginning.
  6. Machine Age Victim

    "A Simple Plan" aka: The Poor Man's Budnitz

    The Bike: ~2000-2004 Giant Simple Single The Story: I was working on a bike for a friend who wanted a beach cruiser, and I found one cheap on CraigsList. As I was building it, I really fell in love with the clean frame design. I refurbished the one for my friend but I was determined to find one...
  7. Machine Age Victim

    Simplistic Speed

  8. Machine Age Victim

    Jamis Boss Cruiser BMX

    I figured I'd make a gallery thread since I did a proper shoot with this bike.
  9. Machine Age Victim

    2000s Jamis Boss Cruiser into 26" BMX cruiser

    I picked this up awhile back because I was jonesing for a 26" bmx and I figured this would be a good starting point. This is how I got it: Here's the first round of parts that came in:
  10. Machine Age Victim

    ~1984 Guerciotti..... a what??

    I know there isn't much love here for road bikes, but this arrived today. Going to use era appropriate Campagnolo to build it up.
  11. Machine Age Victim

    Anodizing at home?

    I've been thinking of it lately, rather than buying stuff that's the right color and selling stuff that's wrong. I just wanted to see if anyone here has tried it. Looks pretty simple: http://www.thefintels.com/aer/homealuminumanodizing.htm
  12. Machine Age Victim

    2011 OM Flyer but a change of plans, now a 90's Jamis Boss

    I can't find any info about this bike, it seems to be a 2011, a little more research shows it's likely an OM Flyer. I haven't grabbed it yet, I just want to make sure the price is good first. Update: This fell in my lap so I've got a base for a bmx build. I just wish the decals were a bit...
  13. Machine Age Victim

    Truss / Arch frame bikes

    This has to be one of my favorite vintage frame designs and I finally have one (a Davis built) so let's see the beauty! Here's some to get us started. From Ant Columbia Iver Johnson Labor Davis built Harley Dayton
  14. Machine Age Victim

    Chrome Schwinn Paramount, now with photos!

    Well, I found it but don't have it. It's at a Goodwill priced at $700, but only about 80% original components (different seat, bars, brake levers ect.). It's the road bike I've always wanted but $700 is really a stretch right now for me, grrrr what to do!
  15. Machine Age Victim

    1980 Torker L.P. Long Survivor

    I just finished tracking down all the parts to make this complete. I got it without tires, chain or brakes. I found some NOS Tioga Comp III' rainbow sticker tires, old knock off brake calipers form the 80's, Weinmann prebent levers and NOS Azumi chain. Everything else is OG as it was originally...
  16. Machine Age Victim

    My weekend finds, Colson, Monark and Hawthorne

    Finally had a nice score this weekend. After going over the parts there's a few things that seem off to me, maybe those more knowledgeable will shed some light. First up is a Wards Hawthorne, not sure if it's H.P. Snyder or CWC. Non original parts are paint, front fork, wheels (rear bendix...
  17. Machine Age Victim

    Simplistic Speed **Lightweight Sub-Buildoff**

    Here you go, I hope you enjoy my labor of love. Here's a link to the original build thread: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=72073 Thanks, //. /. '/
  18. Machine Age Victim

    Early 50's CWC Roadmaster rat

    Building this up with a groupset from a 1930's CWC. Not doing much resto just keeping the patina the same among the parts. Frame I started with After clear coating Test fitting cranks and I think I'm going with this bar/grip combo
  19. Machine Age Victim

    Cruiser build for my sis

    My sis has taken to riding and asked me about getting a bike. So, I told her I'd see what I can find her and make it to her liking. I need to have it done by the 10th but I need to finish my BBO8 bike first and throw together a balloon tire bike before the 10th too (I usually work on one while...
  20. Machine Age Victim

    1980 Torker L.P. Long

    Pics coming soon, I'm stoked about this find! All parts are original, some parts are missing. I would love to know what kind of parts would be appropriate (would be fitted this year bot not after). Parts missing are: Tires, chain, brake levers, calipers and pad set. Edit: After doing a bit...