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  1. jon

    Fat Tire, Firestone and.........!

    the Fat Tire bike was a craigslist find "thanks Marty" and the 24" Firestone bike was a 6 day roadtrip find (XBOX). the last is part of a bike i was given a few years ago and as of last week the seat found its home again. (pics of the bike later).
  2. jon


    Looks like i'm going to be invading your state in the next couple of days, might be looking for a pubcrawl/bored wifes club since the wife will be with me. its a mini vacation and will be seeing some sights, ie: house on the rock!. so i will be in central wisconsin between Milwaukee and Madison...
  3. jon

    24" x 24" x 6 1/2" showed up at 4:00pm today!

    My first purchase from Mooneyes came today!
  4. jon

    new gravity racer

    just picked this up...... cant wait to BOMB some hills :wink:
  5. jon

    Questionable freshness

    I dont know if these are fresh or good finds, bought today and there mine! space liner Western Flyer 24 in. And a womens Rocket!
  6. jon

    Schwinnumoondo redux

    bought this at 11am this morning started the tear down... guess where i had to stop! more to come..........
  7. jon


    just picked this up today 1950 ? schwinn Bf goodrich B6 This bike was hanging in the ceiling of a Micro Brewery/bar in Levenworth Kansas for several years.
  8. jon

    Rollfast/johnny 5

    I picked this bike up a few years ago from "Dos Cruiser" he was having a bike sale and helped him out organising...so he gave me the bike for helping...thanks Don. the bike has been in the basement in pieces waiting for ........something!!!? i got a wild "hare"..lol. and put it back together...
  9. jon

    12 years

    Just picked up these this saturday at 7:30 am. both have 7's
  10. jon

    Bike-O-De Mayo

    thought i would try this here.... pubcrawl on May 5th, saturday.Tanners bar and grill (kansas city mo.) ride leaves at 3pm so get there early...its a saturday!!! all bikes welcome..but you know what to ride!!! So you all have a couple weeks to drive from all over the country to ride with us...no...
  11. jon

    Fort collins tour De fat roll call !

    ok, who going to be at the fort collins "tour" this weekend? Me, Marty (1018 kustoms) are comming to your town. would like to meet up and ride in the parade! i'll be in town thursday till monday. if your going and want to get intouch let me know here and will pm you my fone #. thanks, jon "A...
  12. jon

    fresh groceries

    I just bought this skip tooth schwinn cycle truck today......can you say rusty! should be a good restore, anyone have a basket?
  13. jon

    X-53 Womens

    found this behind a school bus where theres a vacant lot full of 10 spd's and kids bikes.... lucky save!
  14. jon

    first friday pub/art crawl

    grinders pizza "look it up" art gallery we stopped by and a burger joint called Hamburger mary's..... its not what you think!
  15. jon

    just sayin!

    I copy-writed the word "RARE" so people on E-bay cant use it anymore!!
  16. jon

    ATTN. texas cruisers

    Is anyone planning on attending the Tour De Fat in austin on the 30th of october? and were looking to do a pub crawl in San Antonio the friday night before.... any takers!
  17. jon

    Los Punk Rods bennefit for Punk rod Todd

    My bicycle shop "Back in the Day Bicycle" and the local bicycle club "The Spokesmen" each built and raffled off a bicycle for our friend Punk Rod Todd he's the president of the car club Los Punk Rods... look it up online!!! and also he puts together an awsome car show on labor day called the...
  18. jon

    Bike rentals

    Hey everyone, thought i'd let you guys know about the shop ive opened in parkville missouri. its a small shop that i'm renting vintage bicycles in the towns park by the river. We will also be selling parts and bikes and stuff as we get it. I got tired of working in painting construction and...
  19. jon

    We are the 40 "bikes added"

    A taste of some of the bikes we bought.....
  20. jon


    parting out a complete bike............. nuff said! ps. sad very sad