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  1. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    I dont Think its going to happen I returned the swing arm and finally got my refund while this was all going on my truck was in the shop 4 times for the same issue . At witch point i lost faith in it so i traded it in . Then i had to buy another engine for another vehicle i own its just been a...
  2. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    well bad news today , the swing arm came in , and i took it out to do a test fit and it doesn't even come close the add said it will fit up to a 300mm tire and i have a 280 and it hits the swing arm , the axle didnt fit either its supposed to be 1 inch my barrings are one inch and the axle it...
  3. c1run1

    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (TRIKE-TOR...2nd Place)

    are they 5/8ths? will a trike hallow hub work>?
  4. c1run1

    BO15 Green (?) Goblin Lowrider

    i like the title name
  5. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    So here is a swing arm i found it was the cheapest one i could find at this time I felt it was a little plain looking but it has the axle and the covers to the axle boxes . so i ordered it .
  6. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    Thanks Buddy I popped in to read some threads here and there i been super busy .
  7. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    you know it ! lol
  8. c1run1

    BO15 Splinter (or how I learned to love a LOT of sanding)

    i like the art work i hope it is really close to that
  9. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    Well i saw a post this morning on facebook from kingfish and i got to thinking i have been putting off a build for some time and maybe its time to get with it . I dont have a lot of parts at this time so i'll have to see where it goes , there is a huge amount of real talent on this forum and...
  10. c1run1

    Micargi Cyclone fatbike

    they build great cruisers Love them and cheap
  11. c1run1


    i did a couple like that i always wanted to build a Kamlios . Great build looks awesome !
  12. c1run1

    I'm entering my Abteilung Cruiser

    Nahh Sorry Guys and Gals I been tied up with other things , i bought a media blaster to start doing my own parts I was spending 35 to 50 bucks on small parts here and there and i just got tired of it so i bought a Barrel Blaster , and i discovered my compressor is not big enough for it so...
  13. c1run1

    I'm entering my Abteilung Cruiser

    there are three Powder coaters near me the one i like the best is a 45 minute ride one way , but worth the ride .
  14. c1run1

    Project Chris

    OMG the hours !
  15. c1run1

    FINK 49

    G-Matt this is going to look great i'm excited to see how it will turn out .
  16. c1run1


    I love the name on this one ! cant wait to see it done .
  17. c1run1

    L'Angelo di Ferro

    looks good : )