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  1. Robertk

    1968 Schwinn 24/20 Custom

    1968 Custom Schwinn 24/20
  2. Robertk

    EMORY Beach 'N Streets

  3. Robertk

    Cheapest Spokes

    I used to buy Sapim spokes at DansComp for .25 cents each. Now they don't sell them anymore. Does anyone have a decent supplier for 14g and 12g new spokes? Thanks! Robert
  4. Robertk

    Schwinn True Torch Hybrid

    1950 Schwinn Straight bar front end and True Torch looptail rear Bendix red band Suzue Red High flange BMX front Hub Red Arayas New CST knobbies Schwinn Diamond cranks NOS Takagi Chain Ring Blue Rat Traps New chain Bassett seat clamp Schwinn seat post Brooks saddle Tange headset Bassett stem 36”...
  5. Robertk

    Sears (Puch) 26" Ladies 3 Speed Barn Find

    This is a literal barn find from Loganville, GA. All original including tires, pedals and grips. Sachs 3 Speed. Well preserved.
  6. Robertk

    SOLD Frame spreader tool

    So ever want to spread the rear stays on your frame to accommodate a larger tire or wider hub? I’ve run into this challenge while building klunkers and muscle bikes. Here’s a tool that can solve your challenge. Fits on either chain and/or seat stays and spreads by simply turning the bolts. Very...
  7. Robertk

    GLJ Deets

  8. Robertk

    ID thread

    Need help finding the thread that has pics of an OG Klunker with this frame and color. I think the owner’s first name was Bill. Thanks!
  9. Robertk

    Emory Bikes!

    Emorybikes.com just launched. Super cool US made cruisers!
  10. Robertk

    SOLD Schwinn Bolt On Cantilever Set

    Location: NC Price: $60 shipped Schwinn bolt on cantilever brakes. New Old Stock pads installed.
  11. Robertk

    Old Bike

    Old Schwinn :) K&N Handlebars Tange Headset Ashtabula Stem Takagi BMX crankset Solid aluminum 13/16 post Ideale 303 saddle The World headbadge Schwinn 9/16 rat traps Heavy Duty spokes Bendix Coaster NOS Carlisle knobbies Hunt Wilde Grips
  12. Robertk

    1979 Schwinn Spitfire Decal Set

    Looking for a 1979 Schwinn Spitfire Decal Set. Waterslide or vinyl OK. Thanks!
  13. Robertk

    1968 24” Schwinn Typhoon

    Location: NC Price: $150 shipped to lower 48 1968 Schwinn 24” Coppertone Typhoon Rat! Just add chain and go!
  14. Robertk

    REDUCED ‘83 Fuji Cruiser F/F

    Made in Japan 26” Fuji frame and accompanying Akisu fork with Fuji decals. Euro BB , Campy Seat Clamp. Survivor condition. Will make a great cruiser! $165 shipped to lower 48. Location NC.
  15. Robertk

    SOLD 26 EMORY Mojave Sand Cruiser

    Here is your opportunity to own a fresh 26 BMX Cruiser build. This Emory Mojave Sand Cruiser was originally manufactured in Jacksonville, FL, USA, and is a real head-turner. The latest iteration of this unique and rare cruiser includes freshly powder coated frame and fork with new EMORY Mohave...
  16. Robertk

    Brass Plating

    Hello fellow RRB Members! Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable brass plating service? I have some parts I want to get plated. Thanks! Robert in NC
  17. Robertk

    Shimano Rear Hub

    18t $20 shipped to lower 48. Nice gold Shimano rear hub with 18 tooth sprocket. Some paint peel
  18. Robertk


  19. Robertk

    Motomag IIs

    Always wanted a set of these BITD!
  20. Robertk

    26 x 2.125 Red Schwinn Maximizer Tire set

    Price: $195 shipped to lower 48 Location: NC Hard to find - Good survivor condition and completely rideable. Used only a few times! Check out Art Trujillo's Schwinn Cruiser 5 from @twosixbmx Instagram with his Red Maximizers! (Note: not the same tires for sale - just think his cruiser is so...