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  1. RatDawg

    Finished my 1984 Mongoose Expert

    Well, not quite finished yet. Need to find a Pro Class wheel set to replace the no-name coaster brake wheels. Although it is fun laying down some nice skid marks :D Before: After:
  2. RatDawg

    A couple of Schwinns

    Been away for a while doing my motorized two wheel hobby. After a broken ankle from that hobby, I decided to go back to bicycles. It should also help strengthen my ankle, so maybe one day I can go back to work. While in a cast I was able to clean up a 1975 Schwinn scrambler that is hanging in my...
  3. RatDawg

    New Rat Rod Project (First Post)

    Hello Everyone, After i found the site and started to look around at everyones bikes. I knew I had to have one. So I bought a bike off craigslist, I'm not sure what make it is. The bike has a 1' steer tube, 7/8" seat post, and I think it has a Kome1 Super rear hub. I like the style of...