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  1. ratrodz

    SOLD Wing chain guard and front mouse trap carrier

    @Decathlete I'll take the guard if available
  2. ratrodz

    Laid back seat post?

  3. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    Last few stragglers... $85 shipped each!
  4. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

    Price drop! $250 shipped
  5. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

  6. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

    Hawthorne badged girls silverking with aluminum handlebars. Great platform for a custom build or restoration project! $250 + shipping from alb nm. PayPal only please. Shipping within the US only.
  7. ratrodz

    Western Flyer X53 Project Pile

  8. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    Tty... couple left, when they're gone, thats it!
  9. ratrodz

    Which bike to enter ?

    I'd of went with the silverking! Personally I think it's harder to manipulate these old Duralium bikes into cool build off bikes... Not sure how anyone can be burnt out on them from past buildoffs... not when you see multiple styles of bike builders using their individual creativeness to make...
  10. ratrodz

    aluminati v. 2.0

    Following... cause I like silverkings! ! !
  11. ratrodz

    BO Regulars sitting this one out and the reasons why...

    Man... I'm chomping at the bit to jump in! But I've got the boys baseball right now and another build for a friend I'm doing. Literally "foaming" at the mouth cause I've got a really cool idea brewing in my head....
  12. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    Bump please
  13. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    Kept on to a few. Found something that I really want to get! $100 plus shipping each
  14. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    The rest of these will go up to memory lane!
  15. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

  16. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    These are reproduction Hiawatha Arrow fender ornaments. Limited availability on these! These are made from aluminum, some polished and some patina'd. $100.00 + shipping each, shipped from albuquerque nm PayPal only please.
  17. ratrodz

    REDUCED Schwinn Fender bomb

  18. ratrodz

    SOLD Goodies inside!

    Price drop : battery can $150 shipped, fender braces $15 plus shipping each.
  19. ratrodz

    SOLD Goodies inside!

    Silverray sold! Delta battery can 160 shipped 7 fender braces available
  20. ratrodz

    SOLD 1955 Huffy Customliner Super Deluxe Bicycle - One Owner - Excellent Original Paint and Graphics

    Your the only owner of this bike?:39::grin::rofl::21: