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  1. franconuevo

    (MBBO#6 Class 2) Twist of Lemon

    Wow, that's a heart and soul build bro, an engineering masterpiece, and a welding textbook all in one. I've been out of the loop for a bit, bought a house and it's a bona fide fixer upper so I've been back to my original trade of woodworking , roofing, painting, etc on the ol' money pit. BUT...
  2. franconuevo

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Yes, I've done that a lot , on beach cruisers, sure many others have too. Just make sure it's wide enough and long enough to fit over the fenders and the wide tires. Of course you could always find an old Cranbrook or any beach cruiser for that matter, could be a Huffy, or a Murray for cheap on...
  3. franconuevo

    (ORBO) Hanter The Elite Beast ( FINISHED )

    Older thread , but the Question: What's the history on Hanter Bikes? The reason I ask, just saw a HANTER MOUNTAIN BIKE, in Goodwill, with a sticker 'shock' price of $200.00. What's up with that? :13: Does some old lady working at Goodwill know more about the value of these bikes than us...
  4. franconuevo

    MBBO#06 Class 2: As yet unnamed... (Maybe: Monkey see, monkey do?)

    Boy, have we all had days like this. that's when I usually get set up, and then just stare into space, thinking of other things, usually things like what I'm going to do with the other three half bikes leaning against the house in the back yard. Then, I pack it all up and go 'well there's a...
  5. franconuevo

    Rat-Fink Santa - Class 1, Finished

    I agree, needs one little pop of red on the front end, whether a reflector or grips as O.J. mentioned. otherwise that is one sweet looking little bike. WoW.
  6. franconuevo

    Best gearing for 26" single speed

    along the lines of what dizzle Problems said above, it's dependent on terrain, your strength, conditioning, or lack thereof...I'm in flatland Florida, so you don't wanna spin out all over the place, and you don't want it too hard going, cuz when you hit a causeway, they are almost like a mini...
  7. franconuevo

    Murray Westport

    Sometime crusty ones left out in the elements can work. The Monterey is a great start to any build bike, that's for sure. For one build off on here, I started with a newer late 80s Monterey and 'aged' it using a lot of tricks I learned here about rustification..(thanks to Odd Job and others)...
  8. franconuevo

    Murray Westport

    Wow, those must be hot spots for those bikes, I suppose. It's like hipsters in N.Y.C. will pay 200 bucks for a vintage 70s, 80s touring bike, here in Florida, I can't give them away. o_O I fix them up anyway , because they're fun.:happy:
  9. franconuevo

    Murray Westport

    They're great riding bikes..nice lines too. I've sold a couple of those, and the cousin to that bike the Monterey. All dependent on where you are. location is key. Around this part of Florida,(land of the cheapies)..that fetches about $85.00 Even if you spent all day detailing it, new...
  10. franconuevo

    Latest Cool Finds, Mohawk Autobike Allpro Mystery Cruiser

    Yes, I thought so Wildcat. I should know that, I just sold one last week looks just like the one in your picture. The crank on the green one is stamped ('something') 78. I didn't know the monterey went back to the 70s.
  11. franconuevo

    Latest Cool Finds, Mohawk Autobike Allpro Mystery Cruiser

    Hello All...Found a couple of goodies last week. Have a look 1970s H.P. Snyder Mohawk 3 Speed Touring Bike Kmart Allpro Autobike 1200 6 Speed Self Shifting Cleaned serviced adjusted, this thing rides great and the shifting actually works great. I had read that the gears 'clunk'...
  12. franconuevo


    Found the 1981 Traveler the other day, finished rehabbing that, AND, finally rediscovered the 1984 Schwinn World that I forgot I even had, and of course it re-rusted again in the Florida shed..touched up and re adjusted..Both good to go. franco 1981 Schwinn Traveler 1984 Schwinn World
  13. franconuevo


    NICE. Now there's a bike that costs more than my car.:happy: What year? I wonder if he still builds each bike himself.? Thanks for sharing, Franco
  14. franconuevo

    Sram X3 Dérailleur TOAST. what's a good substitute ? thanks, Franco

    That's good information right there, thanks so much this is the second one now..another one was on a Schwinn..supposedly a high end dept store Schwinn you know looks OK on the outside but inside it's falling apart..(kinda like my life..:bigsmile:) I'm pretty sure it was the same...
  15. franconuevo

    Sram X3 Dérailleur TOAST. what's a good substitute ? thanks, Franco

    thanks Clancy. that's not a bad price I thought they might run higher..no bike co-ops unfortanately, only LBS shops, and I get a nosebleed when I walk into the local Bike Shop. So, we'll go online and order... :happy: franco
  16. franconuevo


    he got a welder for christmas 10 years ago , and life hasn't been the same since. L:happy:L... :thumbsup::thumbsup: franco
  17. franconuevo

    Sram X3 Dérailleur TOAST. what's a good substitute ? thanks, Franco

    I don't work a whole lot with MTN bikes, but I sold this beeeeeautiful Giant Revel to this great young kid a few weeks back. He lends bike to cousin..BAM..jams der into curb , it'a all bent and sideways and screws pulled out of the PLASTIC' HOUSING..:doh: 7speed rear. 21 speed bike. So.. s3...
  18. franconuevo

    Old Manse Hawthorne...Final Day Video just added!

    Whew, what a beauty. The muted hues of the backgrounds in the pics are just right to show off the lines and details of this fine old relique'. Just a super build. Man, I can't believe that chain-guard even cleaned up enough to accept the O.J. 'treat" ment. But......we're glad it did 3 thumbs...
  19. franconuevo

    Folding bike crank question?!?!

    Crank looks fine to me. It is cottered on one side only. Just finished cleaning up this Royce Union Folder, was in pretty good shape to begin with. Very comfortable ride, I must say. The crank seems just the same like yours...cottered the non drive side. The pin had a flat on it so when...
  20. franconuevo

    show us your chick bikes heres mine

    Giant: Gloss: Solid. Sold ~I swear this company Giant must study the body and how it fits bikes to a T. It is a design that is so comfortable, it's like riding in an easy chair with your feet propped AND it has welds that would give any top shot welder nerd whet dreams. ~I also...