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  1. pebblewurm

    1960's Öglaend Strada

    Skateboard truck rebuild kits use urethane bushings you could stack inside the spring to stiffen it up- it might take a few kits, or some skatepunk could have some leftovers. Here's a new set...
  2. pebblewurm

    Rant: why I have trouble supporting the LBS

    If there is a bike co-op near you try them. The only reason I've gone to a bicycle shop for decades is to raid their dumpsters.
  3. pebblewurm

    Locating the brand of this classic bicycle

    If it was a "special for Cuba" and German, it's most likely an East German bike. Lots of info at: https://www.ddr-fahrradwiki.de/Hauptseite A quick glance didn't show up a Rex brand, but I found some hits at: https://www.altesrad.net/phpBB3/ There were a bunch of American style buikes made in...
  4. pebblewurm

    Raleigh / Hercules Royal Imperial "trio tube", odd English bike.....

    Fill in between the truss and the top tubes with a flat tank? There was some obscure Colson ballooner with a tank like that. Dress it up with some chrome "sweepspear" trim off of a car? A frame that weird deserves some additional weirdness!
  5. pebblewurm

    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    Nice Idea! Duct taping some hard drive magnets to the mast would work too.
  6. pebblewurm

    Painted my Chrome bars

    I've thought about covering bars with heat shrink tubing, similar to the celluloid covered bars from the turn of the 20th Century.
  7. pebblewurm

    axle adjusters for rear facing dropouts

    I got some nifty machined aluminum adjusters from AliExpress-and they come in anodized colors as well: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32913541290.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.671f4c4d3nFIFS
  8. pebblewurm

    Cleaning and polishing frames

    Just rub the frame down with progressively finer wet and dry paper. Assess the raw finish to see where to start, usually around 600 grit. Search here, at the CABE and elsewhere for people who have polished up 1930's aluminum Silver King frames. Once you have it shiny to the point of new...
  9. pebblewurm

    Get a seat post to stop slipping

    Beer can to the rescue!
  10. pebblewurm

    Off on another tangent.... BSA custom long lean Path Racer "The Archduke" that turns into an Art Deco Roadster!!

    Brooks Stevens breaker box is an icon: http://archive.mam.org/vmedia/BrooksStevens/Images768/BSA_0354.jpg For something a little more decorative, maybe get some inspiration from the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical center, a Mayan Revival treat...
  11. pebblewurm

    Late 80's Nishiki rebuild DONE!

    Candy paint usually needs a silver or gold undercoat. Still looks good.
  12. pebblewurm

    Late 80's Nishiki rebuild DONE!

    Check eBay for NOS Suntour, Shimano freewheels and other parts. ChiCom threaded freewheels are not great. I have a 1986 Nishiki Ariel that I really like, and a similar year Pueblo frame I'm "doing something" with.
  13. pebblewurm

    Rusted chain salvage.

    A 10% solution of molasses and water has worked for me after keeping the chain submerged for two weeks. Do NOT let the water evaporate and makes sure the chain is totally free of oil before starting. A soak in paint thinner and a few applications of jet sprat gumout are advised.
  14. pebblewurm

    Oxalic acid

    The trick is to use a weak solution. Too much, which seems like too little, leaves the greenish yellow crud,
  15. pebblewurm

    67 Ross tank

    I THINK a girl's tank is the same as the boy's on these- just flip it upside down.
  16. pebblewurm

    Show us your Cars!

    C'est tres cool! I was hitch hiking once in the 1980s and got a ride from a guy who had turned a hatchback Chevy Nova into a similar kind of camper. Just one bucket seat for the driver, everything else decked over with storage underneath and a tent that hung from the hatch. I'm still impressed.
  17. pebblewurm

    Under $10.00 homemade sand blaster

    A propane torch and a wire toothbrush do the job for me. And no compressor blasting in my ears!
  18. pebblewurm

    Cheap Copper

    Babies are fun! Hopefully men's restrooms where you are have changing tables,not just the ladies. 15 years ago I had to do too many diaper changes on a toilet tank ...
  19. pebblewurm

    chrome mirror and rim detailing tips

    Aliexpress is a great source for inexpensive bike and motorcycle bits/