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  1. tvc15

    L'Angelo di Ferro

  2. tvc15


  3. tvc15


    So here is a 7 hour build of a 1951 Westfield (Columbia). Nearly all of this was from junk, spare and repurposed parts that I had lying about The bars are from an older build off that I had replaced a while back. As some of you now I worked on a Piano earlier in July that really kicked my rear...
  4. tvc15


    Made it, more to follow!
  5. tvc15


  6. tvc15


  7. tvc15


    Basically I grabbed what I could from my parts boxes in a mad dash to get this bike done, I'm actually pretty darn proud of what I accomplished, granted that I have been hoarding lots and lots of parts for bast builds. My wife brought me the two license plates up from her Grandmothers, I think...
  8. tvc15


    Ok I'm back in... Started a bike at 10.... Images will follow when I can breath
  9. tvc15


    That piano kicked my rear end... I couldn't get it back on track so I'm out. Good luck to all!
  10. tvc15


    So... I'm done... bike time :)
  11. tvc15

    FENIX- Finished!

    Ok... I've gone through heck and back with my stupid piano, surely you have something wonderful!
  12. tvc15

    SIL's BDay Present: Que Sera Sera, Done and Delivered

    You have always been one of my fav fabricators, looking forward to this!
  13. tvc15

    '37 Elfman Streamline Deluxe

    amazing work here!
  14. tvc15

    FENIX- Finished!

    I'm shivering with anticipation
  15. tvc15


    Looking good, I had a heck of a time getting my rack to align with my frame. Watching this one for sure!
  16. tvc15

    ☣☢ VerBoten ☠ϟ - Elgin Twin Evanaction Build - Big Butt Strikes Again!!

    You are definitely baking while I'm shaking
  17. tvc15

    Columbia Convertible Commuter *FINISHED*

    Work of art as usual!
  18. tvc15


    So here is the deal... I was selected by the Portland Art Museum to customize one of 10 Piano's for an event on June 26th, after the concert the pianos will be displayed throughout the city so that they can be played by the public- more here http://www.pianopushplay.com/blog/ Rest assured Im...