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    SOLD Schwinn Stingray Krate Copy (AMX Swift Hornet - $95 obo (CA)

    Rare not many produced because Schwinn sued them. Everything is straight and working; Gold paint is good; Chrome surface rust on will clean up! I did not clean, because maybe you want that 70's vintage/antique look...up to you. SOLD picked up in So. California (Orange County.) click on links...
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    1980 Schwinn Stingray project $95 or $125 for all (CA)

    $95 for everything in the picture ONLY if you do not want the fork. That's right...I will take off $30 if you don't need it and have your own springer fork or BMX or whatever fork. If you want it THEN IT'S $125 for EVERYTHING Good project, straight and still has original paint on it. You need...
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    SOLD 1979 Schwinn Cruiser project $85 picked-up (CA)

    SOLD - Complete Schwinn (Spitfire?) except for wheels and handlebars. Good for 26" BMX project everything is straight. All Schwinn parts USA made #s matching except for the headbadge I think. Coaster brake frame. Could use a re-paint/powdercoat. Bottom bracket re-plated parts are extra $. (Oops...
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    1976 Mini Scrambler Stingray project (CA)

    $95 picked up in So.California (will post pics in a couple weeks when I dig it out of storage) Frame, fork, kickstand, sprocket, crank w/hardware/headset. Includes a pair of used aftermarket steel chrome wheels 16x2.125/1.75 w/coaster brake (90's wheelsmfg?) No chainguard, fender or 16in S-7s...
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    Worksman Trike Tandem w/motor $650 SoCalifornia

    This is too cool for regular people, someone here needs to rescue this: https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bik/d/2000-worksman-tandem-three/6600523303.html
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    SOLD Banana Seat - NOS Troxel USA; Rear Fender 20"

    Bothh SOLD "Starsky & Hutch" style Troxel. New Old Stock with some shelf wear; Tiny tear on top and bottom edge. Takes a 4.5" wide non-pinched sissy bar like the really tall ones not the 4" pinched "Schwinn type" (see pics). I have a short 25" one pictured with it I can throw in for $5 if you...
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    1974 Stingray Deluxe

    $145 for frame, fork, chainguard, kickstand, crank/sprocket and seat. Local pickup in So.California. Details: Wheels, pedals, handlebars, grips, neck, post, sissy bar in picture are not included. I borrowed them from my 1980 to get it going to test it and everything is straight. Original Cool...
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    SOLD 1978 Schwinn Stingray Junior project

    SOLD$65 without the fork, headset, chainguard and upper seat pan. (Use your own springer fork, see last pic) $115 for everything in the first 2 pictures. Let me know which option you want; Cash and carry in So. Cal Extra details: Cups and kickstand were re-cadmium plated just like Schwinn...
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    1978 Schwinn Stingray Junior project (So.Cal pickup)

    Convert that Fairlady or Lil Chik into a boys bike! Frame, fork, chainguard, crank, sprocket, BB, headset, upper seat pan (bottom pan has a crack you can fix or toss) and kickstand w/ all hardware. Cups, seat clamp and kickstand were cadmium plated just like Schwinn did originally. Nice...
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    1978? Murray Cruiser - $20 (So.Cal)

    Murray 'Monterey' with a Sears label. New tires and tubes. Shimano D-type coaster, Wald front hub, bottom bracket and headsets have had their grease re-packed. Rides great with no hands, original burgundy, silver undercoat paint with patina, no pitting. I'll throw in these Mushroom BMX grips...
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    UPDATE: 1976 Stingray found in the trash

    About 2 months ago this Five Speed Stingray was rescued from the trash and now she's mine! How could anyone throw her away?! Except for the front tire she's all original down to both tire tubes. 1/19/12, I restored the bike by taking it completely apart, clean, lube and adjust. The goal was...