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  1. Sphinx

    20" Monark built Firestone Super Cruiser with Springer NOW FOR SALE !

    I would like $1500.00. Grandson doesn't want it. What a delightfully dumb kid. I don't want to ship it. It's gotta be picked up at the "Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Meet" in Davenport, Iowa Labor Day weekend. I need it paid for in advance to secure ownership. Cross-posted on other sites and FB...
  2. Sphinx

    20" Monark built Firestone Super Cruiser with Springer

    I was fortunate to get this today for my grandson. He is on the fence about whether he wants an old bike to ride. Obviously kids nowadays don't appreciate the things an old codger like me does. I may sell it and buy him a huffy or something. Sheesh ! I know it's rare, but the right person may...
  3. Sphinx

    Withdrawn 1941 Mead Rack Reduced to $250.00 Shipped

    Thinking I should let this go ?
  4. Sphinx


    Midwest Cruizados Vice President looking to split a room with someone reliable and trustworthy at OBC '16. I don't have a room. Cool 58 year old dude. No issues other than I need my sleep, so I don't miss all the rides.
  5. Sphinx

    I've been gone a little while from RRB, but active with Cruizados B.C.

    Hi folks, I am back after a little hiatus. I have been active with the Cruizados B.C. Chad Morgan and I founded the Midwest Cruizados Chapter here in Iowa and have been riding when we can.
  6. Sphinx

    I was digging in the garage last night.

  7. Sphinx

    Juggernaut Fat Tire Bike ............er Trike?

    Has anyone seen this yet? http://riderungu.com/juggernaut/ Price: US$ 2,500 + tax and shipping Optional Surly tire package installed – add US$ 400 - more than 20% off retail (Price as shown – US$ 2,900)
  8. Sphinx

    1967 Stink Ray Midget

    I just found this Midget this afternoon. Not real good shape. You just don't find a lot of these just laying around.
  9. Sphinx

    Maxxis Holy Rollers

    I've had these 26x2.4 Holy Rollers for a while now. I didn't buy inner tubes when I got 'em. Do I really have to spend $40.00 to get inner tubes for these ? Is that the going rate for decent tubes? http://www.amazon.com/Maxxis-Freeride-M ... d_sbs_sg_5
  10. Sphinx

    1962 Schwinn King Size American

    I just made a comment on Facebook a day or so ago about wanting an American King Size. Today I found a 1962 Flamboyant Red one. Weird how some things happen.
  11. Sphinx

    Green Machine

  12. Sphinx

    Weird Prototype Maybe ?

    It belongs to my buddy, Schwinn Jon.
  13. Sphinx

    Robert scored for $80.00

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater
  14. Sphinx

    Schwinn Volare ?

    Here's one I had no idea about. Apparently in '77-'78 when I was serving in the military in Europe, Chicago Schwinn snuck one by me. http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/schwinn-volare-1977-1930
  15. Sphinx

    All Illinois Interstate 80 people

    Any of you guys going?
  16. Sphinx

    The Flying Bike

  17. Sphinx

    26 Inch NOS Military Drop- Center Rims

    I've been told on another site that these rims are indeed, NOS G519 rims. The were used on ( now rare and expensive ) Military Issue bikes from WW2. Anyone know what these may have been for? The spoke holes appear to accomadate heavy duty spokes as they are about 3/16 to 1/4 holes.
  18. Sphinx

    Post War Rollfast and other Good Stuff

    Found this at the Davenport Motorcycle Meet.
  19. Sphinx

    Pre and PostWar Schwinn Springer Differences ?

    As the title says, Are there differences in Pre and Post War Schwinn Springers? I know we have some guys here that will know.
  20. Sphinx

    2013 Davenport, Iowa Flying Eyeball Meet

    I haven't got around to loading my pics yet, but someone else took this pic there. My '37 Zep is the bike at the back. First time out in daylight in about 12-13 years.