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  1. dracothered

    Michigan Camel Back, RRBBO#14 Class 2

    Well here is what I have so far in ideas... as you can see I have no name for it yet. Some of the parts: Build idea:
  2. dracothered

    Widen bottom bracket?

    Has anyone widened a BB and 3 piece crank axle? I’ve done the BB but have never tried to widen an axle for one.
  3. dracothered

    Ross bike (from a wreck to a rolling bike)

    A friend of mine told me about an old bike left to rot along a rails to trails bike path in Gregory, MI that I thought might be wroth checking out. Here is what I found out there. As you can see it was a true mess and not rideable in any way. Time for bringing it back to life and make...
  4. dracothered

    The Reese bike...

    From a Reese car tow bar that had two of the same tubes that couldn't be used for what it was made for into a bike.
  5. dracothered

    Pete the Rat

    It's been a while since I've been on here. This is a build from last year.
  6. dracothered

    (MBBO Class2) "Mad Scientist @ Work"

    Well call me mad or just plain crazy, but here goes nothing.... So far four bikes gave their life for this crazy creation....
  7. dracothered

    Mongoose BMaX sprockets (tooth count)

    Any of you get one of these yet and if you did could you post the tooth count of both sprockets?
  8. dracothered

    Half Penny (Penny "Freakthing" Fakething)

    So I'm building a Penny "Freakthing" Fakething in a build off over on Freakbikers UNITE!! Facebook page. 2014 Freakbikers UNITE!! Penny Fakething Build Off The main frame section is a foot scooter and the rear from a 16" suspension kids bike...
  9. dracothered

    Slammed Trike....

    Here it is totally done and pictures taken.... Rust and all... a true rat to the core. :D Almost forgot to add in the starting point pictures.
  10. dracothered

    Bike Stool

    No power at work today so I had so time to kill and built a stool out of bike parts. The head tube and forks from my Columbia Trike that I'm building in the Build Off 9. I also use a bent forks from a 24" Schwinn bike and the seat stays from a 24" Huffy Trike. The seat I think was from a...
  11. dracothered

    Varsity Freak MiniVelo (stick a fork in it, she's done...)

    Here is what I just messed with last night. I was tempted for a very short time to use this as my one frame change in BO9. This will be the chain ring for it... I will weld the 52t to the 30t chainring. Did some computer mock up work on it too...
  12. dracothered

    Burrito (aka Longhorn)

    So over in the Facebook page Freakbikers UNITE!! (2014 freakbikers burrito build-off) they are have a Burrito bike build off. I just couldn't stay away from the build, so in the flavor of a burrito build this is going to be a $0 build. 1st rough mock up.... 2nd mock up... The one thing...
  13. dracothered

    Paints (good & bad)

    So I know we all have our favorite paints that we like to use and the ones we hate. Let talk about the ones we like and give insight to others on ones they are thinking of using. I will start it off by saying that I am thinking about using a hammered style of paint finish. Having never sprayed...
  14. dracothered

    Foot scooter

    About a month ago I pulled a scooter out of the garbage that was in need of repair. Both wheels bearings were shot so I used the front wheels off of two kids bikes. The one the axle nuts was wider than the original. So I cut the rear drop outs loose and re-welded them back on. Also used a set of...
  15. dracothered

    Let the Trike builders unite...

    I thought it might be fun to have a thread of all the Trikes in the build off. So please post your trikes here and let's have fun. Here is mine at the start. And now as it sits
  16. dracothered

    (Slammed Trike) doing the finishing touches...

    Well it is that time and here is what I will start with.... Columbia 3 speed Trike with a differential rear end... The rim and spokes will be laced up to the rear wheel hubs of the Trike and will get some OCC 20" x 4-1/4" Stingray rubber on them. I will also use this bike frame as the new...
  17. dracothered

    Can't sleep

    Just minute before the start and I can't sleep....
  18. dracothered

    Wide tire on skinny rim

    So I am planning for the build off that could involve some OCC Stingray rear tires and wanted to see if I could mount them on a really narrow rim compared to what they normally go on. They were a bit of a bear to mount them on the rim, but as you can see I got them to seat. Please ignore that...
  19. dracothered

    Foot wear

    So is this to out there for a man to wear???
  20. dracothered

    Modified Bike Carrier

    So I needed to modify my bike carrier to make it easier to carry my big bike. Here is what I did... You can see the section that angles downwards which is the original bike carrier. I welded part of the hitch tube from the cargo carrier I bought to the bike carrier and then drilled a third...