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  1. c1run1

    BO15 Fat Daddy 01

    Well i saw a post this morning on facebook from kingfish and i got to thinking i have been putting off a build for some time and maybe its time to get with it . I dont have a lot of parts at this time so i'll have to see where it goes , there is a huge amount of real talent on this forum and...
  2. c1run1

    I'm entering my Abteilung Cruiser

    They only make so many of these and once they are gone you can only buy one second hand . Lucky for me i was able to score one from the owner of the company . Dont ask i have no idea why its pink plastered with stickers ? Anywho here is how it sits now
  3. c1run1

    Phoenix Custom Prostreet chopper

    Here we have the test Ride .. And now for the stills: This Bike has 26x 130mm rear wheel ,26x3 tire stretched to 5inch 130 mm a 26x65mm front wheel Custom made forks, custom made handle bars , custom made frame from Cuda customs cycles , Brooks seat custom built wheels with a Strumey...
  4. c1run1

    Phoenix Pro street Done ! moving it over to the finished thread ! Video Added

    I did start a build thread on this a while ago but it never happened . How ever i need a reason to get it going and the WBO is it . One of my other reasons is where is it going when its done ? lol My storage area is a bit crowded right now . Anyway its a Cuda custom frame i named the Phoenix...
  5. c1run1

    Red hot

    I finished a commission build last week and I'd thought I'd share it with you guys it's smiler to my new project but runs a standard 26x80 mm wheel set Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. c1run1

    Weekend Electra chopper find

    This was a great score ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. c1run1

    Hawthorn revamp and ratified

    I traded a vintage cabbage slicer for this bike I swapped out the wheels and handle bars as some one added ten speed bars on it and I'm just doing the initial mock up to see where I want to go with it and what items I need .
  8. c1run1

    Felt Hurley

    Well I scored this one right before work today number 337 I don't know what total # they produced but it was a great score .
  9. c1run1

    Dyno Moto Glide 4 spd

    I saw this on craigslist and had to jump on it ! 4 spd with two internal drum brakes front and back , this thing rides like a dream !
  10. c1run1

    New Jersey Bike show

    Sunday May 22nd is our grand opening celebration Starts @ 10.00 AM !! We will be hosting a custom Bike show ! Tech bikes 1745 rt 37 west Toms River NJ 08757 732 773 2517
  11. c1run1

    Not the best bike to find but the seat is an awesome aged brooks .

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. c1run1

    MotoMag Mongoose should be a 1980

    I was told its a 1980-81 by the seller he said it was his bike when he was younger . , I have to confirm that . I went to look at this bike the other day and me and the owner couldn't put together a deal I made an offer and he refused it . How ever after taking with Rat Rod Steve and...
  13. c1run1

    Custom Roadster

    I took this one down bobbed it , removed the chain guard stays , had the frame Powder coated , as well as the wheels and added new tires, new forks ,stem ,cranks with a new Chain wheel . Before and after :
  14. c1run1

    (Class 2) Gravity fed finished " Video Added "

    Here it is ..[emoji2] Thanks for looking , and it's a blast to ride !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. c1run1

    October is my Favorite time of the year So ..

    Here is my Entry .
  16. c1run1

    Felt 750 Cafe

    I been wanting a cool felt and I finally found one . It's NOS from a bike shop that was left in there basement . How cool is that ? It's a three speed to boot [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. c1run1

    MMBO #4 "Gravity Fed" Class 2 " Wings Out ! Mission accomplished !

    I didn't even noticed this Build Off was going on , i stopped in to check a few things out now and then but i been very busy in the shop . Anyway i have a pile of parts and a few others needed . I decided to go completely out of the box on this one . In case your not familiar with a Gravity...
  18. c1run1

    Under Pressure by Tech Bikes

    I wasn't sure what direction i wanted to go in , but i settled on a low and long Fatty . Before a pile of parts And Now a Candy Red dream bike . Thank you everyone Enjoy !
  19. c1run1

    Motorcycle style head light ?

    So i have been seeing a few bikes pop up with these new head lights shaped more in a bowl style then the bullet style but i cant find them any where ? Its Defiantly a Bicycle head light as it has the switch for batteries . They are vintage looking as well and id like to get some for my...
  20. c1run1

    Today's score

    I got this today cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk