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  1. bigfatcat

    Muscle bike Build-Off #02 VOTING BOOTH! We have a winner!

    Awesome work everybody! Hardest decision EVER!:rockout:
  2. bigfatcat

    MUSCLE BIKE BUILD-OFF #02! Done and dusted!

    Well here's to seeing if I can get mine mashed together tomorrow morning. :rofl: This has been a trying month but I'll be ...... if I spaz 2 years in a row! :113:
  3. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    Ok ok. Back again for my bi-monthly update. :rofl: We've gotten about 14" of snow and single digit temps in upstate NY so it's a bit of an issue working in the shop lately. I picked up an X53 springer off fleabay. It's missing..... a lot. :crazy: No headtube? No problem. Yeesh what was...
  4. bigfatcat

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Wishing you and your wife well bud. It sucks you won't be able to compete but I'm glad you're still brainstorming it!
  5. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    Thanks gentlemen. Huff, I have a standard 19" banana seat that I plan to recover. I'm debating on red velvet or leather.
  6. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    Ok! A little more work!! I think I'm going to add a little more to the webbing, but I'm digging it either way.
  7. bigfatcat

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Hot dang buddy that is SWEET! Now you have to learn some trick riding! ;)
  8. bigfatcat

    Rat Stink /Now What ??? :(

    .... that's some SLICK striping! Love that paint work!
  9. bigfatcat

    "Pit Cruiser" 1960's AMF Skyrider

    Man those spokes look SICK! I think i'm going to have to give that a try!
  10. bigfatcat


    Re: Headbanger Wow this is lookin sweet! Definitely diggin' that fade! Does the seat feel weird wiggling on the suspension pivot?
  11. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    Thanks man! Thanks! To say I've been busy with other things is and understatement. :shock: :lol: yeah, the cold is now going to be my main obstacle. It's averaging around 25-30 now. Obviously that's when I get the time to work on things. :wink:
  12. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    So I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth! :shock: :lol: I had a little time to do some work on the Kia the past couple days. Got a little bit of paint work done on the chain guard! I'm not overly excited about the layout so I might sand and redo but it's something! I also...
  13. bigfatcat

    Purpa-Trator Detail pics P7 Ride Vid. P9

    WOW! That seat is amazing! Great work! :shock:
  14. bigfatcat

    Kreep Koach

    So this has been an INSANELY busy month for me! :shock: I figure it's about time to get back to this beast. Not a whole lot today, but I'm back at it! I extended the head tube on the springer slightly and started stripping the paint. I've got the idea train fired up! :D I've also got some...
  15. bigfatcat

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Re: "GULF SWING" New style disc brake mount. Brilliant work again sir! Definitely going to have to steal this idea for a future build. :shock:
  16. bigfatcat

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Re: "GULF SWING" BACK WHEEL DONE! Amazing work as usual sir! I'm digging the spoke count on this one as well!! :shock: :D
  17. bigfatcat

    MUSCLE BIKE BUILD-OFF #02! Done and dusted!

    Re: MUSCLE BIKE BUILD-OFF #02! COOL EXTRA PRIZES!!! My god man those are awesome! :shock:
  18. bigfatcat

    Firecat with tank?! columbia.... I think?

    So I had the best craigslist pick ever today. 40 bucks for all this! There's a Firecat with the tank. I'm not sure what the twin bar is but the rear dropouts look Columbia-ish. There's a near pristine bendix single stripe with wing foots! Plus the cheesy girls cruiser has a near mint SA 3...
  19. bigfatcat

    CWC no name yet

    Re: Skiptooth Muscle Dang dude that's lookin slick! Shame about the acetone, but it sure is coming out killer! :shock:
  20. bigfatcat

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Re: "GULF SWING" Cutting, Grinding, Welding at last! Yeeeeeesssssss! That fork looks spot on! The proportions of the tires couldn't look any better! :shock: :shock: